3 Top Most Responsive Website Design Trends

The concept of responsive web design came into existence in the year 2012, but in the passing years most of the designers are putting new strategies and ideas that are changing the old norms of this website designing process. There is no doubt that responsive website has brought a huge change in website designing and development. It has helped people to scroll the sites from various devices, without compromising screen resolutions. More and more companies are relying on this design to attract the larger number of online traffic. Statistics have shown that out of 10 companies, 9 of them prefer this designing process for their site.

Research has shown 88% of the people living in the developed countries like the UK are using mobile phones for searching products and promoting business online. Responsive website designing is largely replacing the traditional processes of designing. In the case of the traditional website, you require different sites to open from various devices. But when opting for responsive sites, you can allow your clients to open one single site from various devices. This type of design allows making a single site built on a single fluid grid that implements various media queries to proportion itself to the dimensions of the device or browser that is used to open the site.

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    Incorporating the adaptive design in the responsive site helps in bringing optimization to a higher level. Adaptive design is made on the principles of responsiveness for enhancing the user experience, making the adaptations through the web browser or server. The responsive approach towards the design is proportionate to the size of a browser but in the case of the adaptive approach, the design is proportionate to a device. The implementation of the adaptive design in responsive outlook has brought lots of changes.

  • The off-canvas layouts are also called as off-canvas navigations, it helps in delivering a creative outlook to the page elements on the responsive design. Taking advantage of free space outside the browser viewpoint, website design experts hide the page elements until the users click to see them. It is one of the effective techniques that bring more creativity that enhances readability as well. The tap gestures can also be incorporated in the off-campus navigation.

    They are the recent addition to the responsive approach of website designing. Images and content sliders are quite common for the responsive website as they offer compressed and interactive way in representing a lot of things in the site. By the use of scripts and plug-ins, sliders are of various designs and sliding boxes with captions on them. The content and image sliders go aligned with other, making a good pair. They help in designing a simple and attractive site. These are some of the additions that are made on the responsive sites to make it more appealing. If you want to make your site more user-friendly, it is better to hire a reputed web design and development company that has many years of experience in this field.

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