4 Reasons Why Web Design is More Important than Content in Oxford

Oxford businesses are always looking for ways to innovate and succeed in a competitive global market. As firms from across Oxfordshire have recently been shortlisted in the Oxfordshire Business Awards, attention is turning to the new ways these companies are promoting themselves and their products. Oxford businesses know that websites are key to marketing in today’s digital economy. But what matters most – content or design?

You must have good content on your site, but it is also vitally important that the design of the site is as professional and effective as possible. Many people will even say that the design of a site is much more important than the content itself. Here’s why:

  1. Surface Detail Inspires Credibility

    Oxford businesses should remember that while content marketing is very important, it cannot occur outside of a web of design. What’s on the surface matters when it comes to presenting the right impression to a visitor, and they will be influenced by what they see even before they have read what you have to say. Effective website design allows people to trust your site. Think about it, when was the last time you entered a site whose design looked ropey and old-fashioned; did you buy from this site, or interact further? Probably not. A credible website also makes people believe that the information on it is legitimate.

  2. Good Design Helps People Navigate

    Since there are so many websites in your niche, it is important that people should be able to effectively navigate through yours otherwise they will probably try somewhere else. Good design makes it easy for people to navigate to the information you want them to see. Your site must be well-designed so people can see where they are going.

  3. Effective Use of Colour Influences People

    Web design Oxford experts say that you can influence many people not by the content you post but simply by the colours you use on your site. Colour also helps to increase readability as well as benefits understanding. In order to effectively use colour you need to know your audience and make sure you are using colour combinations that stand out, but which will appeal to your market.

  4. Professional Web Design Inspires Confidence

    Many businesses in Oxford may think that it is enough to have a quickly put-together website with contact details and basic information but what happens when you try to sell something directly through that website? Even if you have the payment technology in place people are unlikely to buy since your site is not professionally designed and does not make them trust you enough to part with money.

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