4 ways to make any job a creative one

You may be a creative person at heart, and perhaps you weave magic in your spare time, but you seem to have found yourself in a career that doesn’t always allow for that creativity to shine through. Or does it? If you’re innovative and determined, it’s possible to make any job a creative one. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

Be Involved In Content Creation

One of the biggest advantages in recruiting staff online is that you are given a whole new level of efficiency that just didn’t exist before. You can take advantage of tools such as personality assessments, employment screening, and even candidate tests. This helps to narrow down the list of potential candidates, making the search easier and more efficient from your end. Obviously the faster you can find that “perfect fit”, the better it is for the company.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in finance, education, or retail. You could even be looking for a job in IT (if that’s the case take a look at itinterviewguide.com to get ahead of the competition). No matter what sector you’re in, there will be some form of content creation required. If you can be involved in that, then you can let your creativity reallybe of use to your employer, plus you’ll enjoy your job that much more. Branding and marketing is always a creative endeavor, and so is writing a newsletter or blogs, or editing images for the website. You might even like the idea of designing a logo or proofreading brochures. Speak to your boss about how you can see yourself helping with content and give them some examples of what you can do.

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Teaching can allow for your creative side to have its moment. You can design lesson plans and even ‘homework’. Making PowerPoint presentations is creative, and so is being able to stand up in front of a group of people and talk about your subject in an interesting way. If you know or understand something that others in your office don’t, offer to teach them and get creative about it. One bonus of this is that it could lead to more work from your employer – you might even be subcontracted out to other companies to train them too.

Make A Vision Board

All individuals and companies need goals to work towards and targets that should be met. Without them, everyone will just drift along fairly aimlessly, and it can be easy to miss great opportunities. One way to show this journey and to highlight opportunities is to make a vision board. A vision board will contain all of the ideas and goals that the company – or you as an individual – might have. You can be as creative as you like, cutting pictures from magazines or finding them online. You could even draw some yourself. Make one just for you and leave it on your desk where you can add to it whenever you want, or make one for your company that other people can contribute to if they think of something. That way you’re encouraging creativity in everyone.

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Make a Personal Brand

If your current workplace isn’t too keen on the idea of you bringing an element of creativity into your job, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for employment. Before you do, you can work on your own personal brand as this will help you to write your resume and cover letter, and impress at interview. It might even push you towards a different sector altogether.

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