5 Skills a react native developer needs to have


React Native is a platform which allows developing a single application which can run on both iOS as well as Android platform. So, if you want to develop your business app with the help of React Native, you need to hire a specialist developer. This article will tell you about the skills a React Native developer must have.


React Native is the framework based on JavaScript that comes with cost-effective, time-saving and ready to use mechanism. The application developed using this framework can be run on both iOS as well as Android platforms. This framework was originally invented by Facebook and now being used by other companies as well. It has gained immense popularity among the developers. So, you can now hire a specialist developer for your projects. However, before hiring them, you must know about the skills a good developer must have. So, let’s have a look at those hard skills essential for a React Native developer must have. By knowing about these skills you can clearly spot the difference between a real React Native expert and the pretending to be an expert.


1. Thorough knowledge of JavaScript- As mentioned earlier, React Native is the framework based on JavaScript. So, a developer needs to have a strong knowledge of JavaScript. It is crucial for building the components, generating the logic of the entire application and services and understanding the flow.With a thorough knowledge of JavaScript, it becomes easy for the developer to work on React Native platform.

2. Command over native Android and iOS app development– In order to develop an app which works well, a developer needs to cover the basic of development. This means that the developer must have the knowledge of Swift, Objective C, Java and many other technologies. This is important because, sometime during the app development procedure, you need to utilize a few tools from the native side as well.

3. An understanding of basic React assumptions- It is important for a React Native developer to operate the concepts like JSX, Virtual DOM and component lifecycle fluently. So, when you are looking for a specialist developer, ask them if they have the understanding of this basic React assumptions. If they answer positively, go ahead, else search for another candidate.

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4. Deep knowledge of some handy technologies and tools- To work efficiently on React Native platform a developer needs to have deep knowledge of a few handy technologies and tools or at they should be willing to learn the ones they are not trained in. These tools include Sentry error tracking which is used for monitoring and fixing the errors in real time. Bitrise is the tool used for maintaining better workflow and increase automation. Redux which is an open source JavaScript library is used for managing the state of applications. Then, there are some other tools like Hockeyeapp, Jest, Enzyme and many others which a developer must learn to operate.

5. Ability to develop a clear and elegant code- Just like the fashion industry, website and app development also wants you to be stylish. If you want your app to be the best and appear to be stylish, the developer needs to follow certain rules comprised in style guides available in the market like Google JS Style Guide. This is important for writing a readable and consistent source code to make it easy to develop and maintain the application.

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Apart from these hard skills, a React Native developer must possess soft skills like good communication skills, open-mindedness, desire to learn new things and positive approach. A developer with these hard and soft skills will surely be beneficial for you in order to develop a successful application.




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