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7 Tips to Make Your Blog More Mobile Friendly

Today’s computer technology and the internet have seen an amazing advancement to what it was 10 years ago, and it continues to move forward each day. People today want to access information online and they want it fast and from anywhere. You see it everywhere people check their email, shop, pay their bills, share pictures, do research and read blogs. They’re doing it all and while on the go.

Mobile devices are changing the way the world gets information. Blogs are popular for finding information on virtually any topic. Mobile viewing provides convenience for accessing information anytime from anywhere.

Now here are some questions, “Is your blog mobile friendly”? If your answer is no, you are missing out on possibly more traffic to your blog. “Do you want more readers and subscribers”? Of course you do. Preparing your site for mobile viewing is a first step in accomplishing this. Here are 7 tips to make your blog more mobile friendly:

  • To test your blog for mobile friendliness, visit by Google. You will enter the URL of your blog and test your site. This tool will show you how your blog looks on a smartphone. It provides a free report with personalized recommendations on how to build a more mobile friendly blog. They have partnered with Dudamobile and give you the option to make your blog mobile. Choose from various templates and customization features free for one year.
  • Responsive is a free wordpress theme that adapts your website to mobile devices. It’s a powerful yet simple theme with full CMS control options, social networking, webmaster tools, and more. There is also the Skeleton wordpress theme, which keeps it all simple, clean and uncluttered for easy navigation and mobile friendly usability plus it’s free too.
  • Another solution for wordpress blogs is the WPtouch plugin. It works on tablets and smartphones like IPhone, Android, Blackberry and more. It is a great way to maintain a mobile version of your blog. To begin simply log into your wordpress dashboard and under “Plugins” select “Add New” then do a search for WPtouch, install and activate it. You might want to go into the settings to customize the appearance of your blog on mobile devices and view other options available.
  • If you have a blogspot blog you can make it mobile friendly, just log into your blogger account, on the dashboard click on “Settings”, then choose the “Email & Mobile” tab. You will then see the option to have your blog show the mobile template when being viewed from mobile devices. Tumblr and other blogging platforms have default themes that will adjust automatically for mobile viewing.
  • Make it simple for mobile users to navigate your site. You want your visitors to read your content and your text layout should be clear, uncluttered and displayed correctly.
  • Optimize your images to allow pages to load faster. Even if you’re using a plugin or mobile friendly theme, one or two images around your content should be enough.
  • Stay current and updated by knowing how many readers view your site from their devices. You can install Google analytics and use it to find out the percent of mobile traffic and the devices used. To learn more about this visit
  • Stay on top of the mobile movement and allow your readers to access your blog from anywhere and at anytime. Start today and make your blog mobile friendly. If you provide useful content, don’t miss out on the extra traffic you can get from mobile viewers. Who knows what this technology will be like in 10 more years? Certainly moving forward.

This article was written by blogsetupguide dot com which is a site developed by Garen Arnold. This site provides lots of great blogging tips.

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