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7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Are you in the process of designing your own website? You might already know a few of the basic principles that you should implement, but have you also considered the things you should avoid at all costs? If not, you might unknowingly be committing a few of these mistakes and scaring away potential visitors.

1. Introductory flash effect
Not all Internet users have a fast and reliable connection. Especially for people who are using a dial-up connection, your web page can take a few minutes before loading fully. Thus, using flash videos as part of your website's introduction can fend them away.


Webphoria web design Manchester experts can help you avoid detrimental mistakes

2. Slow loading time
There are many different reasons why a web page might load at a slow pace. This can be due to improper coding, too many multimedia contents – such as images, videos, and audio files – on a single page, unreliable web hosting, and others. Professionals can pinpoint exactly what might be making your website load slowly and know exactly how to avoid this.

3. Saturated banner ads
Banner ads can be useful when it comes to promoting your products and letting people know about them. But when you put too many banner ads on your web page, this can be a potential problem for you. Your website can easily turn into a classified ad page from a newspaper. In addition to this, putting banner ads that are not related to your website might make people confused about what your website is really all about.

4. Pop-up windows
There is nothing more annoying than pop-up windows. Internet users are now brighter and wiser than ever. A wide majority of Internet users consider this tactic to be no different than spam, spyware, and even viruses. Thus, using pop-up windows today might destroy your website’s credibility.

5. Misspelled words
Thankfully, there are auto-correct software tools built into many programs today, but you must still double-check your grammar and spelling. Even a single seemingly harmless error can destroy your reputation and professionalism.

6. Elements of distraction
You must strike a balance between simplicity and complexity. Though it is true that a few fancy graphics can be impressive, when overdone you may end up with a website full of distractions. The general rule is that you should remove anything unnecessary from your web page and retain only what is essential.

7. Horizontal scrolling
This mistake might seem funny to some people, but it can easily frustrate visitors. Horizontal scrolling can be very time-consuming and can even break the thought process of your website users. Therefore, choose vertical scrolling rather than horizontal scrolling.

These are just a few of the things you should always avoid when developing your own website. When you turn to experts for help, like those at Webphoria web design Manchester, for example, you won't have to worry about making these detrimental mistakes, and can sit easy with the peace of mind that your website is in good hands.

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