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8 Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

You need to create the right content to attract your target audience. The secret of good content writing is to write less and style it well. Also, as a writer you need to know that most readers prefer to scan the text before they actually read it, therefore special attention must be given to the text.

Lack of readership can surely demotivate any great writer. With the highly competitive online market, it is important to have great content on your website so that readers keep coming back for more. What you need to know as a writer is that just great content is not enough to keep readers hooked. A content strategist needs to know several smart writing tricks. Wondering what these tricks are? Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Make the content snappy: A good content strategist knows how to make the content snap at the right places. If you are in a habit of packing in a lot information in a single write up, you need to check your strategy. Readers usually like to take only small doses of information. So if you want to cover a complex topic, it is best to cover it in a series of posts.
  • Use line breaks more frequently: Try to include some single sentence paragraphs in your write ups. Single sentences and white space are more readable and there is high probability that the reader through till the end.
  • Use compelling subheadings: Subheadings help the reader to get a quick view of your article. Make the subheadings as compelling as possible. A strong subheading encapsulates the entire idea in a paragraph in six to seven words or less.
  • Bulleted Lists: List the major ideas in bullet points to help the reader to go through the article quickly. As a best practice, organize your lists to showcase the most important information first.
  • Deep Caption: A deep caption is a detailed description or an article synopsis included with an image. Study proves that a deep caption with a relevant image has a very strong effect in capturing the readerís attention. Try and experiment with some caption styles. Keep an eye to analyze which caption style is preferred by your audience. The best way to gauge this is by checking the comments and views for a particular write-up.
  • Add relevant links: This idea is self-explanatory. Donít send your readers where they wouldnít want to go. Itís as simple as that.
  • Strategic Formatting: Donít forget to format your text. Use bold type to highlight the important ideas, italics with style specifications like book titles, and as mentioned earlier, lists to organize important information.
  • Attractive titles: As far as possible try to use numerical titles for your write ups. Such titles not only have high SEO value but they also have a high recall value for the readers. Remember it is the title that brings people to your website or blog.

There is no doubt to fact that you can attract readership by employing these techniques to your write ups. However, if you still feel you are missing something, it is probably best to hire expert content writers.

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