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Basics steps in website designing

Website designing is a constant process. It is a multi step process which starts from the production and run continuously till the maintenance. The exact process varies from designer to designer but basics of designing remain same, some of which are mentioned below.

The very first step is collecting the information or understanding the brief that is given by the client. Information or brief may be consisted of company information, its goals, target audience, network area and the quality factors that separate the company from others. Thus it is said that before start the designing always try to understand the basic requirements of the client that he want to see in his eCommerce website.

·  The next step is planning  where you will decide the essential elements that you will incorporate into the website during the designing process. These elements can be interactive forms, color, font size, categories and many more things which can make the website more attractive.

·   Designing, the main part comes here where you will implement all research and planning into the final work. Several designers give the option to clients to look out the  work throughout the designing process so that changes suggested by the client can be done hand to hand. 

·  The fourth step is a development stage in which a designer put all elements into the operation. It involves all the coding work that is needed to maximize the functionality of  the website.

· After this testing stage comes, in this phase designer makes your website online and check all the  website elements that they are working properly or not. He also verifies all the coding of the websites. And after getting assured he asks the client for the approval. This also marks the official launch of the website over the internet and now online users can also access to their eCommerce website.

· The final step is maintenance, which  usually runs for years according to the choice of client. Everyday content of the website is getting updated to attract the large viewer’s traffic to the site. It is essential as it helps in making your website always active among users and the biggest search engine that is Google will also like to give preference only to those who remains active all the time. This generates a number of viewers to your website and ensures more profitable to your business.

These are the common steps that usually all designers of website companies follow and Website designing company in Delhi are also one of them. All company’s designers should try to build a good communication network with the client to better the understand the requirement of him and in a similar way should try to meet them through utilizing all possible resources

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