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Content Letting You Down? A Few Reasons Why This Might be So

Even today it’s still surprisingly common for some online business owners and webmasters to see most of their site’s content as filler. All attention is focused on the areas of the site that close the deal or sell a product, while the rest of it does little more than make up the numbers. Of course, a fuller site has the potential to be a more valuable resource and Google always takes kindly to quality content in abundance – suffice to say however that the operative word here is ‘quality.

Nowadays, it is fundamentally impossible for your content to bring you any value whatsoever if you have approached its creation with little to no thought whatsoever. But, you might ask, how about in those instances where you’ve put your all into the job or chosen to outsource SEOjobs like this to third parties and yet still don’t have anything to show for your work?.Well, the good news…depending on how you look at it…is that if and when your content is letting you down, chances are it’s for one of a few very common reasons. Check out the following and see if you’re guilty of any such sins.


First up, no matter how great a subject may be and how much you want to share it, you can’t keep going back to the same point over and over again. Well, you can, but you won’t score any points with the search engines. Reposting old articles and the likes is fine, but you have to accept that this isn’t considered new, original or up to date and so won’t be all-that valuable. If you are going to repeat yourself, as least try putting a new spin on the info.


And in a similar vein to that above, Google and Co. just love original content and anything they haven’t come across before, while having a huge disdain for copy-cats. Sure, you can’t go out there and make the news yourself…probably…but again, when it comes to using the info and articles that are already at your disposal, make sure they’re at least slightly unique in one way or another.


Just because it’s a hugely interesting subject and you’re the only one with the information does not mean it will score you any points with your readers. Or with the search engines that matter, as people and bots alike come your way for something relevant and on-point – not just any random nuggets you have to share.

Nothing to Offer

Your target audience members aren’t visiting your site by accident or without a reason – they’ve either a question to be answered, a need to be fulfilled or a desire to breathe reality into. You, on the other hand are charged with the responsibility of in some way giving them what they want, which means creating content that to some extent offers at least something of value to your visitors. This is where the difference lies between filler and content that both compels and converts.

Lack of Passion

Take a look at your content…any piece of content…and ask yourself a very important question; do you really give a damn? The trouble with so many websites is that while their respective owners know what they’re doing and have something decent to offer, they can’t escape the fact that they have no real interest in the subject area…certainly no passion for it. You can only produce effective and authoritative content if you’re really into what you do, which means that if you aren’t, you need to hire someone that is…and pronto!


Interesting content only stays interesting for as long as it is relevant and current, which isn’t very long at all. 99% of the web’s content consists of yesterday’s news that’s of no interest at all to the overwhelming majority – headlines and any kind of breaking news are what it’s all about. As such, it’s also likely that your content will let you down if you have a habit of allowing it to stagnate – something that can happen a hell of a lot quicker than you might think.

Generally Poor Quality

Finally, you might be confident that Google isn’t going to sit down with a red pen and mark all the mistakes across your website, but this doesn’t mean you won’t end up in the bad books outright. Contact an Agency like Jenkinson & Associates for advice on how to produce great content which is Google safe.Not only do Google’s bots not like poor quality content, but one read of it and the visitor will most likely lose all respect for you and never bother to come back. If you’re going to publish it, make it flawless…period.

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