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Embarking on a PPC Agency Search

The journey to finding a worthy PPC agency that will give you your money’s worth is an exciting one, but it can also be an arduous task, especially for people and companies who do not know exactly what they are doing.
Along your journey, you will certainly come across a wide variety of PPC people, from the very talented and expensive to the not-so-results-oriented and cheap. Although I would hate to disappoint anyone who has high hopes, you will always hear sales pitches from various firms telling you that they are the best at their job.
Many agencies follow the same practices and have a lot of similarities, too. However, choosing the right partner means more than just looking on the Internet. You need to find the most appropriate agency size, a personality that fits your company’s structure, and the best account team structure.

With all things being said, there is a process you can follow to make the search a lot easier. The steps do not require very much; as a matter of fact, they are very simple. However, it is the details which require a bit of work.

Make a short list

The most effective way of starting the search process is through putting together a list of some of the best and most reliable firms you would like to work with. Putting the list together before you start making calls is a big time-saver. You would want to get the help of your professional network for this. Chances are, they have also tried the same services and will be able to tell you which are worth considering and which are not. There are hundreds of firms out there, and a place like targetedmedia dot co dot uk are a leading PPC agency that you should definitely consider, for example.


In order to effectively compare one agency with another, you need a basic criteria to base your initial research on. Are you looking for agencies based on their prices? What about their expertise and history? Ask some potential agencies for an overview of the services they provide so that you will be able to compare firms equally. In case you need more candidates, do not be afraid to step out and find additional agencies which may fit your needs.


You must have a list of questions ready for your potential agencies and firms. You should think about more than just your budget. Consider certifications, years in the industry, strategy, and team structure, as well as the methods they are willing to employ to get you the results you want. In order to make the interview process easier, you should also compile a list of what you consider to be the best answers.


After the interview process, you will be in a much better position to score and rank the agencies. If possible, include one or two of your peers in your search. They can help you arrive at well-rounded scores, and their input would be quite valuable.


Once you find the right agency and have agreed on everything, it is time to hire them, start your campaign, and travel down the road to success.

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