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Essential Tips for Your First Guest Post Submission


Itís hard to read anything regarding marketing your website or blog that doesnít involve guest blogging. The problem is, the world of guest blogging is a difficult one, and getting good results takes experience combined with excellent writing skills. If youíre about to venture into this world, it will help for you to come prepared. So before you submit your carefully created post, have a read through these essential tips to ensure that youíre headed in the right direction.

Brainstorm Your Ideas to Come Up With Something Great

Donít pick the first idea you think of; itís probably not fresh or unique. Brainstorming is an excellent method of coming up with ideas for your guest posts. Use the same brainstorming methods of accomplished writers, such as

  • Mind Mapping Ė use a central idea and create branches leading to subsets that could be focused upon.
  • Role Playing Ė put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think about how they would react to a certain problem that you can provide the solution to.
  • Pushing the Boundaries Ė think of the usual subjects covered in your industry and try to push the boundaries further.
  • Time Travel Ė look into the past and the future.

The Components of a Successful Blog Post

Once you have the ideas, you need to work on the essential components of the post that will help it to achieve success and be accepted. You will need to think about how you can create content that will generate traffic and customers. In order to do this, youíll need to.

  • Add links back to your website and consider adding links within the blog's own content. Internal links will show that you find their website to be of use and appreciate the work they have already completed on the subject
  • Show your authority by demonstrating why youíre worth listening to. This could be within the blog content or within the author bio.
  • Make your headline grab the attention of the readers. Sometimes the headline is the hardest aspect of writing a post; spend time on it.
  • Create content that encourages conversations; ask the right questions that will cause the readers of the host blog to react.
If in Doubt, Outsource Your Posts
Send quality content to be used as a guest blog Ė donít think you can scrimp on the time and the effort involved because itís not going to be published on your own website. If youíre not confident in your blogging skills or if you donít have the time to devote to the work involved, itís better to outsource the project to the professionals at Ocere. The professionals will be able to create the right content and pitch your posts to the most relevant blogs. Not only will the hard work be completed for you, but they will also save you precious time that can be well spent within other areas of your business.

With these tips under your belt, thereís no reason why you canít begin using guest blogging within your content marketing strategy.

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