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4 Important Myths about Web Design

If everyone else is doing it, it must be good. Ever been guilty of thinking this way, whether you’re considering which pair of trousers to buy or where to go on holiday? Following the herd can be dangerous, particularly when it comes to web design. For such a modern field, there are a surprisingly large number of myths that have sprung up in the industry that many people follow regardless of whether they actually make websites look good or function well. The following advice is according to current web designers in Birmingham who watch the trends in web design come and go but understand that quality web design stands the test of time (with a little extra innovation) and that some things should never be repeated.

1. The Look of the Website Matters the Most

Clients, whether they are based in Birmingham or further afield across the globe, are still often surprised when their web designer reminds them that the content of the website matters as much as the design itself. There are many websites out there with beautiful homepages and stunning sites, but when you look for information, you can’t find it. A site that impresses with its design but lacks high-quality content is ineffective for most people’s purposes. Make it look great, but don’t forget about form or function. And words matter, too.

2. The Homepage Is Most Important

This myth is particularly prevalent in the industry. A well-designed homepage is undoubtedly important. But unless you navigate directly to the homepage, you may never land on it – and a website where the homepage is the only effective page is a website destined to fail. Make sure you have a consistently good design throughout the site. You can then relax, knowing that you’re giving a good impression of your company regardless of how people find you.

3. Your Website Must Always Be Selling

Okay, so you have a product to sell, and your website is helping you sell it. That doesn’t mean that everything should be diverted towards the sale. People are not always ready to buy when they land on a site – they want to be inspired, they want to be entertained, and then they want to consider the products. The hard sell will not get you many return visits. The Internet is a massive place, and people will find somewhere else to go.

4. More Bells and Whistles Make a Better Site

According to the experts at Cocoonfxmedia{dot}co{dot}uk/web-design-birmingham{dot}html, less is often more. For example, effective web design in Birmingham is often based around timeless design concepts rather than gimmicky ideas and features that seem cool but are often unwieldy and inconvenient. Adding widgets and features can be a good idea, as long as they add value and are not there simply to make the site look busier or more modern

Paying attention to these myths is the first step on the path towards breaking bad habits. With a little extra attention to detail, you can have a website to be proud of, not embarrassed by.

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