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How To Improve The Speed Of Your Magento Site

Magento is an eCommerce Content Management System. It is a fairly heavy system that manages large amounts of data. Hence, if it is not installed or set up properly, it would go slow. This is a normal phenomenon. Magento runs on a different platform and it is quite important to get familiar with the unique system of Magento in order to correct its performance and speed. Even an expert web developer may fail to identify the settings that can improve the functioning of Magento. Magento is a PHP based Content Management System and the technique to increase the speed of a PHP based system may involve its hosting and admin settings. The hosting settings are often ignored by the developers and this is the crucial factor that results in slower page loading.

Activate Flat Catalog Product And Category

To begin with this step you should go to the admin panel of Magento. On the top menus you should go to the System menu. Under System menu you should select Configuration. When you select Configuration a left navigation list would come. From this list you should select Catalog. In the main page of Catalog on the frontend you will find the settings for “Use Flat Catalog Catergory”. You should change the answer to “Yes” for this parameter. Similarly you will be able to see the option for “Use Flat Catalog Product”. You should again change the answer to “Yes.” The Products and Categories attributes are stored in special database tables. Flattening them will merge all the attributes. This would make it easy for Magento to retrieve them whenever necessary.

Merge JS Files And CSS

Once again you should visit Magento admin menus and select System. Under System menu go to configuration. On the left navigation list select Advanced. In Advanced select Developer. Under the main page of Developer select JavaScript Settings. Under this you will find CSS Settings. You should select “Yes” for the option “Merge JavaScript” and “Merge CSS”. In a Magento website, there are many JavaScript files and CSS files. Site customization and extensions would add more files. Hence, merging all the files would help the Magento to load the pages faster. This would significantly improve your magento speed.

Enable Compilation

Visit Magento admin menus and select System menu. Under this menu select Tools. Under Tools select the option Compilation. You should change its settings to “Enable.” Magento’s core structure contains several active scripts. Enabling the Compilation would bring these active scripts to the front. This would considerably improve the speed of your website. However, you should keep in mind that sometimes you would need to disable the Compilation temporarily. Whenever you have to install any updates, extensions or code modification, you should disable the Compilation. If you keep it enabled, it can lead to different kinds of errors.

Caching Magento

Once you are ready with your site settings, you should select the System menu and go to the option of Cache Management. In this page, you will be able to see a list of items. Select all the items and go to the option of Action. A dropdown menu will appear. From the list of options given therein you should select “Enable”. After that you should click on Submit. If it is a normal Magento site, these settings would definitely help in improving the speed. For a complex site, more advanced settings can be adopted. Details about Magento sites are provided in sites like

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