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How To Make Your Website A 'Web' For The Many Clients You Ought To Catch

The whole idea of having a website is to make yourself or your company visible, to bring people to your fold, either for commercial or personal gain. This then means that you will have to make or develop a website that is going to grab people’s attention. It should be subtle but the effects as effective as a web snatching a fly midair.

Websites for businesses should be interactive; a personal website can be a little restrictive for the audience depending on the purpose of its development. Websites are perhaps the only things that would judge correctly if you judged them by face value. This is because people will open your website and right away decide whether they like it or they do not. Here are some few tips to make your first impression last:


Select colors that have swag, colors that will catch your audience’s attention. This means that you will have to know what type of audience you are targeting. You will have to forgive the profiling on this part of the article; it is true that different sexes, races, and religions favor different colors. However, the most distinct and universal truth is that men will prefer certain colors and so will women. Therefore if you are targeting a mix of gender, that is a general audience - you can embrace cool colors such as blue and a mix of grey with good hue that will blend in or contrast with the font color to make the information visible.


The design of the website should have what is now called 'swag'. Do not fill it with flash items that will make it bulky, incorporate small file formats in case you want videos on your website. The design will also include the arrangement of material you have in it, they need to be neat and regular not cluttered. You can get cool templates, which you can use to layer your website on. This gives it a professional look and portrays you as an organized and official person. This also matters for websites aimed at entertainment because you need to leave your visitors in awe, this way they spread the word, and you get more hits from their friends.


This should come out as the content of the website. The content varies from website to website and depends on what you want to achieve with your website. The information you choose to put on your website should be good enough for anyone who is looking for such information. The secret to be the preferred website when someone needs such information is to go all out and give more information, offer download link for documents with such information and refine it such that it is factual and true. That is how Wikipedia beat all other encyclopedia websites.


The integrity of your website should not be compromised in any way; it should always remain strong against any potential threats. Integrity here means that the data and information on your website should not be easily altered and should be the truth based son facts and investigation. You can quote your references to assure your readers that it is true information.

External links

These links are important in supporting the integrity of your website, they are important in the sense that they link your information to other websites or other articles with the same information and seeking to remove any doubts that the data there is true. If the links are not available, then you can give references and link the authors name or the title of the book where upon search of the name, the author can be authenticated and probably an article on the information you have given found.

Author bio:

John Walter is a scientific researcher who is writing a thesis on the changes brought about in by web development and design. He is an ardent browser and an accredited editor of Wikipedia. You can find his recent work on cool templates here.

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