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How to Increase Online Store Sales Using Catalog Permissions

You may have visited some ecommerce sites and realized that you cannot see some items. This happens with a good number of websites, which opt to hide some categories and products from various customers. In other instances, you may feel the need to hide your prices from certain category of customers. This is often hard to pull through, but not anymore, because of the Magento Permissions extension. With these Magento Catalog Permissions, you can hide anything you wish not to display to any of your customers. Other features that you can hide include the compare and wish list, prices, product pages, and categories, to mention a few.

What this extension does is that it restricts what customers can or cannot do while on your ecommerce site, if they do not have the required permissions. Using the Magento Catalo Permissions extension, you can take your customers to different landing pages, depending on what they want, and what you allow them to do. You can use this extension to direct your customers to a different page, if that is where they will find what they need. In essence, the Magento Permissions extension also provides your customers with an explanation via a notice that tells them the reason behind the redirection to a different page from the one they opened.

As mentioned previously, some of the features on your ecommerce site that you can limit a group of customers from gaining access to include the products and their prices, as well as categories. Moreover, you may also restrict the ability of some customers to view products details by displaying the Out Of Stock sign, or any other sign that you deem applicable. One of the major attractions of the Magento Permissions extension is that it is easy to install and configure according to what you want. You can set up the Magento Catalog Permissions extension quickly and easily due to the intuitive interface, which it comes with.

You can look for advanced Magento Permissions and install them on your ecommerce site. Using this extension, your rights as the admin will not be under any threat. However, anyone with admin permissions can manage orders and product categories using the advanced Magento Catalog permissions. With this extension, your customers can also manage their products and stores, but only as long as they have restricted permissions. It is imperative that you realize you can only use these extensions as long as your ecommerce site is based on Magento theme. The admin can limit role to store-view, or restrict the role to website, and categories.

Finally, you will learn as much as you want on Magento Permissions and Magento Catalo Permissions by visiting today. Remember that you need to increase the efficiency levels of your ecommerce website, and one way of doing it is through adding these Magento extensions. This way, you deny sub-users without admin rights, the permission to delete products, allowing them to only edit or view their products, and nothing more. Every time a sub-user creates and adds new products, you will receive notifications informing you of the same.

The author has many years of experience in creating ecommerce sites that are Magento theme-based. Although he currently serves as a college lecturer, he still finds time to write more on Magento plugins and extensions as seen at magento catalog.

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