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Latest Social Media Trends for 2014

Social media was only meant for getting you connected with your friends in previous days. But more and more users are regularly connecting with these platforms regularly. Day by day users are increasing in large numbers. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are most popular and widely used sites. These are evolving continuously which has led to new marketing strategy. Many marketers are consistently getting attracted to promote their website in here. After some of the changes and updates made in December 2013 it is found out content marketing is most effective way for online marketing. Also new terms and guidelines are included in social media which are also considered most important for business. More and more brands coming out to implement these tactics in their business. More than 70% of companies have dedicated on these gracious platforms. Some shifts and techniques are bound to use in business. Before it was only way to get advisements on TV while some shows and movies. But with changing era of marketing now you can reach your audience easily. On the communal websites it is also quite essential to provide information. Now-a-days most of people are available on Facebook and Twitter etc. So make some quality information and tell about your brands to get more customers.

In 2014 there are some new Social Media trends evolved to ensure greater business like Play Texas Holdem Twitter is considered to be most powerful among all. Most of the marketers use it regularly to get new business. With millions of active users and near about 500 million tweets in a day it is now getting best platform for business. This is why Twitter has included Vine (video tool). Facebook paid advertisement marketing has included some new techniques i.e. testing, photos, advertising and video. Instagram is another big platform for paid version of advertising and video. Massive increase in picture and video in these types of platforms has included new tactics. Due to these reasons 57 percent marketers adapting this marketing trend. First is to thoroughly what your audience wants from you and give useful information about your product & service. People are now moving towards small mobile devices like Smartphone from desktops. As it is mobile and you can access internet anytime you want. So it is essential to access digital properties in their websites. It is now better to use receptive and responsive websites to get adaptable on each device screen. Using predictive tools rather than simple.

Wanalytic tool is great way. Now invest more on Google+. After latest Hummingbird update Google is more focused on Google + than others. Now use Email and social integration that has proved to be more powerful than ever. Keep constant relationship in between these two. Creating a dedicated team in social marketing is one key reason of success. Hash tags, paid advertising, high quality content, responsive website, and slide share are some important factors here. So now get ready to invest in FB, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest to be more successful in business. Get more ROI by using latest tactics.

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