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Layout Creation Without Tables With The Use Of CSS Positioning

In order to make your layout look an attractive one, people always try to avoid excess uses of tables. However, the major reasons behind the growing popularity of the tables are that it is quite hard to make a proper layout with the help of CSS. On the other hand, it can be stated well that here are various major learning procedures, which must be followed if you want to use a layout without using a single table in it. Once you have acquainted the ways to create your own layout with the help of CSS, it can be seen that the steps are not only attractive but user friendly in nature, as well.

Ways to mingling CSS with layout

There are mostly two different ways, which are to be used while dealing with layout services with CSS. The first one is to take help of CSS floats for making proper layouts. The second option revolves around CSS positioning services. Always make it a point to remember that CSS positioning can be supported with any form of modern browsers. On the other hand, if you are dealing with Internet Explorer 4 services or Netscape 4 areas, then you might need some other external plug-ins for this purpose.

Remaking your old page

You have to go through a tabular format, when the main area of concern is associated with table uses for building a site. All you have to do is just focus on rows, columns and cells. On the other hand, when you are trying out the CSS format, then the first and primary step is to focus more towards the content. As you can place the content anywhere you like, this can act as an additional support system. You can even place the content on the top of the layer, without facing any hassle.

Divisions of a page layout

Always remember that the parts or divisions are mostly arbitrary, and you can easily divide the page into any manner you like. For the first part, the main concerned area is associated with the header portion. This is the perfect place where the banner advertisement is about to get placed. Some of the portions, which are to be associated with this field are article title, name of the site, navigation procedure, byline and other similar things. The next best thing is to focus more towards the right column section. This is where the right side of the page is of major concern, which mostly comprises of ads, search box, shopping areas and other video boxes.

Focusing on other parts

Apart from the title head and right section, a page layout also consists of the inline advertisement section and the content arena. The content arena is related with the text segment, of either an article or a blog. The advertisements, which are placed inside the article body, are mostly termed as inline ads. You just cannot avoid dealing with the footer region, which is also known as bottom navigation zone. This place also consists of copyright information, photo and bio section, banner ads on the lower region and more. You can take the help of a reliable web designer if you want to know more about the divisions.

ALast steps to be followed

You can easily divide and place the HTML 5 sectioning zone in place of using tables for preparing a page layout. You have to identify the sections of the content, which need to be highlighted in your main body. As you know the uses of tables, therefore; it might be a faster option for many. On the other hand, after you have gained proper knowledge about CSS method, you can find out the quickest method to make a table.

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