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Responsive Web Design - Is It the Best Option For a Website

The debate regarding whether a responsive design is the best option for a website has received new colors with the increasing use of Smartphone. People, in the recent days, enjoy the internet on the go. Most of them own a Smartphone, where they view their mails, or visit necessary websites to perform a particular task. Needless to say, such a great change does not make people think twice before availing responsive design for their website. But, is it the best option available?.

Responsive Web Design - What Is It?

Before we actually enter into the topic, letís provide a short and simple idea about what responsive web design is. A web design that is responsive in nature offers people to view a website both on a PC or mobile without effort. It means you would not have to scroll multiple times while viewing a website on your mobile. All in all, such web design provides optimized viewing experience.

The Popularity behind It

It is quite easy to conclude the reason behind the overwhelming popularity of responsive web design. According to a recent research, more than 90 percent of shoppers are the users of mobile search engines, whereas, around 70 percent of people use either of the mobile applications to buy or sell things. However, according to the experts, all these do not imply that RWD is the cup of tea for you, or your website.

Here are few things to keep in mind while choosing in between RWD or regular web design

  • If adjustable layouts are something you are looking for, avail responsive design for your website to let the viewers with a maximum level of convenience while viewing your website.
  • Complete viewing optimization is not possible. Images or videos on your website might fit according to the screen size of the viewing device. However, when downloaded, they will be the same as that of the original website. This will result in slow loading of the website in devices like Smartphone or Tablets.
  • Most people have lost their trust on device detection. It used to transform a website, which was actually designed for the desktop, to view it on mobile devices. However, the level of efficiency of the process had raised several questions throughout the world, which, responsive web design has been able to overcome.

The Thick Line between Performance and Responsive Design

However, if you have a matter of website performance and optimization in mind, do not go for the responsive designs. Instead, create a mobile website. Good quality images or videos are not available in smaller sizes. Therefore, quality images might make your website look good, but will download slowly. People can also achieve custom mobile experience with a tailor made solution.
Finally, it is you, who have to take the final decision. As it is your website, you might have something different in mind. However, considering the above points would undoubtedly broaden your choices.

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