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The Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click Campaigns


The new business model followed by companies is to opt for the pay-per-click module, that is, the advertising paradigm that works on the basis of entrepreneurs purchasing advertisements on different search engines to gain online traffic. This basic equation between businesses and the search engines is known as PPC, or pay-per-click, or CPC, also known as cost-per-click. These PPC displays are generally exhibited as banner adds or links that appear above, beneath, or beside organic search result on SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). In this article, I will explore some of the advantages of opting for pay-per-click campaigns

Instant Results

The main advantage of PPC campaigns is that it yields immediate results and there is an instant surge in the volume of inbound traffic to a website. Compared to SEO efforts that might take weeks or even many months to improve the organic ranking of a website, PPC advertisements are featured on the SERPs the very moment that the campaign is made live. As a result of this, the inbound traffic to any website hosting a PPC advertisement campaign increases in a very short period

Flexibility And Control

PPC campaigns allow business owners to design and control the advertisements and ensure that they fulfill the basic business objectives. The campaigns can be seasonal, that is, the advertisements appear only at a certain time of the year. Entrepreneurs also have the freedom to bid the amount of money they are willing to pay over a particular competitive keyword. There are also various targeting options that are available.

PPC campaigns allow business owners to track their own progress. They can also decide on the particular ranking position of their website, and pay an extra amount of money if they desire their websites' to rank well for extremely competitive keywords.

Budget Setting

Another advantage of PPC campaigns is that business owners can control their expenditure by setting a daily or monthly budget. As an advertiser, domain owners can decide on the specific criteria for which they are willing to pay- keywords, increased traffic, attainment of marketing goals etc.

Pay For The Results

The flip side of PPC campaigns is that advertisers need to pay only when potential customers click on their links. Businesses do not incur any cost for having their website featured on the SERPs. This is a novel opportunity that can be used by companies to generate knowledge about the products and services. If a surfer is impressed by the website, then he/she can save the URL to re-visit it at a later point, or even pass it onto a friend. The pocket-friendly scheme of PPC campaigns is an excellent scope for business initiatives to spread general awareness regarding services and products.


PPC campaigns can be customized and co-ordinated to appear only to qualified, or potential customers. Options like “language targeting”, “demographics targeting based on age and gender”, “location targeting”, and other targeting options based on days can be manipulated by domain owners to ensure better conversion rates.

Equalizes Competition

PPC campaigns equalize the level of competition between all contending parties. A small business has an equal amount of possibility in bidding for a relevant keyword and gaining a decent rank on the SERP, just like any big business. Unlike the process of organic ranking, where the amount of visibility is largely determined by various interrelated factors like links, tags, headers etc., a PPC campaign will ensure a definite position on the SERPs.

The concept of pay-per-click campaign might seem relatively simple, but the specificities require professional attention. Hence, it is best that businesses desirable of a PPC campaign should consult experts before launching the advertisement

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