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The SEO of Baidu and Google is somewhat different

Though the Search Engine Optimization technique and the principle remains the same for both of them, Google SEO will find it tough to transfer the same technique directly to Baidu. It will be his fault if he does and expect the same result.

Baidu is a Chinese internet searcher, made by Chinese, and use by Chinese. Toward the starting, Baidu was ideal to peruse the Chinese characters. What is entangled with Chinese characters is that a word is for the most part an arrangement of 2 characters and there is no space between words. Baidu for a drawn out stretch of time had one stage ahead on its foe Google, on the dialect.

Google website admin apparatus has a capacity called "Content Keywords". It demonstrates the recurrence of the majority of your catchphrases in your entire site. In any case, Baidu doesn't give such measurements. So we can take a presumption that the watchwords recurrence of the entire website (not just a single page) may affect your positioning.

It appears that a same site, Google incorporates more outside connections than Baidu in their website admin devices. Really, Baidu once in a while grab the site that utilization different dialects with the exception of Chinese. Baidu likewise gives some fake outside connections which you can discover through the "area" proclamation. I'm not absolutely beyond any doubt whether they bode well or not. Assuming any, the impact is most likely not superior to genuine outside connections.

When the technique is same yet cannot be applied, that means there is a pool of differences that make Baidu SEO different from Google SEO. The points where the SEO for both the search engine giants differ are-

1. Focus and Domination

It is obvious that Google is global search engine giant and it has to take care of every region, the people. But when it comes to China, it has a very small share of market domination. Say less than 20% or so. On the other hand, if you take the case of Baidu, Baidu is very much focused on the Chinese market. It holds approximately 80% of the market share.

Baidu is partial too! It means, Baidu prefers its own companies on the search pages. That is, the companies own by Baidu will appear on the top of the search page of Baidu. Also, Baidu gives preferences to the local sites that are the sites which are hosted in China itself. When it comes to Google, Google refines the search and show result from all over the world.

2. Language Barrier

Mandarin Chinese is the largest speaking language in the world. Its dominance can be felt in the Baidu search engine optimization too. Chinese language is complicated. A single letter may mean different meanings. Unlikely, the Google SEO done in English, Baiduís Chinese Mandarin SEO has to be more precise. Therefore, for SEO of Baidu lot of aspects are taken in consideration.

3. Timeframes Being Different

Baidu is stricter in terms of website hosting. It takes a longer time to get a new website up and run. But in case of Google it is not like that. Everything is simple and easy when it comes to Google website hosting.

4. SEO methodology

Keywords, back links, title tags and meta-descriptions are the backbone of SEO. The precision in using these is much smarter and technical in Baidu. In Google SEO, these things mean a lot. A proper keyword stuffing solves the purpose.

5. Emphasis on Mobile

Internet arrived in China much late. By the time, internet arrived in China; people were compatible with the mobile devices. That is they had skipped the desktop version of the websites. In the way, finally, they chose the mobile version of the internet searching and websites. China relies on mobile device. That is why; Baidu from the very beginning is working on websites that are device responsive.

6. Searching Methodology

The searching method also varies in chinaís Baidu as compare to Google. Unlike Google, Baidu uses options and preferences for searching. Google uses typing technique to search something while Baidu gives the preference for choosing the option and clicking the link of the preferences. The method used by Baidu is more complex and they have mastered the complexities. As such, everything seems to be too easy and simple for the Chinese search Engine giant.

7. Site Design

Google has different listing for paid and organic search results. But, Baidu has a mixture of both. Baidu has mixed up both thee paid and organic search results. This has resulted in the Chinese sites to look more cluttered. As compared to the Google search result, Chinese search results have a large number of links. They have all the information clinched at one place.

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