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The Web Design Technology; Getting Easier By The Day

When the html and Xhmtl languages were launched, web design faced the easiest time in coding; these two languages were simple and most of all secure. The path had been laid and all that remained was creativity and innovation when it came to designing the best websites for your clients. In this regard, several tools were developed to assist in designing websites. These programs acted as helping aids and they assist the web developer input code that is ultimately transformed into a web page.

Several programs that come well packaged and this means that you can have the basic codes such as the title the head and the closing already on the program and all that remains is for you to include the information you wish to have on the webpage. Others however need you to start from the beginning and professionals mainly do this. The following are the most suitable coding programs in the market:

Note pad

The notepad is perhaps the oldest web design-coding tool in the computer industry, it was the first tool to be used for a while after it was established in 1985. It is in essence a text editor made by Microsoft Corporation for Windows. It saves its files in many formats but its default format is .txt. When coding, you need to get everything right failure to which you will get a webpage with visible codes and this should not be the case. It forms the best tool for one to use when they seek to understand the codes, the colors and how to put back grounds on the web page. It supports right to left languages as well as left to right languages making it an effective coding tool regardless of the location or language. It takes text and can wrap the words to make them legible on one window.

Dream weaver

This is a program developed by Adobe for the development of web pages and ultimately web design. The good thing about this program is the fact that you get to see what you are coding on a different pane and therefore you see the progress you are making and you can make corrections if you need to. The good thing about Dreamweaver is the fact that you can manipulate the web design in languages such as CSS and html. Dreamweaver can be fully integrated into browsers to borrow or copy code from existing websites such that you can borrow from websites or templates making it easy to manipulate the code to suit your needs.


Web templates are used to make work easier as they are essential in separating content from an actual website such that you can edit the content and fill in the blank areas with your information. It is a half-cooked website if you can call it that and it is essential for people who want websites in a rush. Despite what you might want to believe templates come in different forms that allow your website to look serious, cool or whatever you might want it to look like. You choose the template most suitable for you and input any changes you might want.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor

This tool can be found in a free version or one that you have to buy, the free application however misses some vital tools for web design but can still be used for basic web design. It is good for tutorials and novice web designers when it is a free version it is the full version, you will be able to design using CSS and all other languages. A good editor makes it easy for every web designer worth his salt.

Author bio:

Margaret O’Hara is a fourth year software engineering student with a knack for writing. She is a frequent blogger on web design tutorials where she shares information on different software and programs.

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