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Tips on Creating Great Content for Your Website

Your website is an entirely different ball game when it comes to SEO and marketing. You want the articles on your website to stand above the rest because when it comes to your website, it isn't just about the backlink. When it comes to your website, you need to provide value and be an industry leader. Creating great content for your website is how you'll attract readers who will share, and more importantly comment, on your website. It is how you'll set yourself apart from your competition, and how you can increase your online reputation. To help you craft the best content out there, follow these tips:

Before We Begin…

1. Make Sure Your Website is Stunning

Though, yes, this tip isn't technically about creating content, it needs to be mentioned. When you want to increase your search engine ranking, you need to worry about the quality of your site. Having great content, but on a website that gets penalized, won't work. You need to make sure that your website is fast, that it looks good, and most of all that it is on-site SEO friendly. Increase your options and your control by using managed WordPress hosting, and find the theme that works for you.

Now That You're Ready…

1. Niche, Niche, Niche

There is a lot of content out in the world, and a very short reader attention span. Having a generic blog or website that posts about everything might seem like a great way to get attention, but it's how you'll pit yourself against the giants of the information world. Why bother with that competition when, instead, you can write for a niche audience? If you are a company, write about your industry. If you are a blogger, what makes your insights different than anyone else's? Focus on what sets you apart, because you'll be able to find a more dedicated community of readers that way, as opposed to trying to siphon readers from large magazines.

2. Offer Industry Insight

One of the best ways to create a readership is to become an industry leader. If you cannot be an industry leader, then you need to become the authority on information about the industry. Do this by offering key insight into the industry that you have chosen. Write about updates, new tech, news, and more. The more detailed and useful your information, the better.

How you format this formation is also important. Readers need their information to be broken up, so that they can consume information faster. Do this by creating lists, tutorials, and snappy editorials. If you do have a long piece, break it up into subsections and headers. This will let even the readers who glance at articles to take away information, which can mean repeat visitors.

3. Keep Creating Content

For SEO, and for the sake of your website's health, you need to be consistent about creating and posting content. Get a schedule going, and stick to it.

Creating content for your website should be your top priority. It doesn't matter if you are a company, or a blogger, you need to get to the top of Google's SERPs if you want to be successful, and your content is one of the best ways to do it.

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