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Top 5 Books on Web Development You Must Read

When it comes to proper web development, having the resources available to fully understand and implement your web design is crucial to the success of the site. Here are the top five books on web development that start you off and get you going through the full experience. From initial design to marketing the website effectively, these five books will get you there.

HTML and CSS: Design & Build Websites

This book by Jon Duckett abandons the standard approach of looking at web design as an exercise in technical knowledge and instead embraces a far more reader-friendly approach. Filled with photos, layouts similar to what you find in popular magazines and plenty of infographics, Duckett's book makes designing and building websites far easier to understand than the traditional approach. Throw in the fact that the book is exceedingly well organized that beginners to those advanced in web design will thoroughly enjoy and use as the basis for their efforts.

Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

Another vital book on web design and development from Jennifer Neiderst Robbins who has been sharing her experiences for over two decades, this is a more advanced book for designing websites. It demonstrates how to create the best web graphics, responsive designs, and craft a website that works well on any device. Jennifer augments the book with a series of quizzes that are designed to bring the material to the front of your thoughts so you can keep in mind all the wonderful techniques.

Don't Make Me Think, Revised: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

The very first version of Steve Krug's book was published back in 2000 and the basic concepts still apply while being augmented with new material. This may be the most profound of all web development books. Sharp, to the point, and very funny, Krug manages to pull you into his world and demonstrate just how to make effective web designs that are easy and simple to execute.

Content Strategy for the Web

If your website lacks the right content, it will quickly be ignored no matter how much new traffic you can pull to the site. This book is key for web developers who want to maximize the potential of their websites by focusing on effective content strategies that really work. By showing you how content strategy is done right, you can create an effective design or re-design of a website that exceeds expectations in a fast, efficient manner .

Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click?

This fascinating book uses what is known as "neuro-marketing" points that combine user experience with basic psychology in order to create a greater sales conversion rate. For those who are creating websites designed to sell products or services, understanding how to maximize the conversion rate is paramount to your success and this book has many of the answers.

The five books when used together make for the total experience in web development from creating a new site to refurbishing an older one.

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