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Website design fads 2013: Latest tips for an attractive online brand

When on a website for the first time, a user usually spends not more than 60 seconds before moving onto the other. So, your website must communicate well about what solution it can provide to its visitors and that too in less than 10 seconds, in order to achieve several moments of your end users’ attention.

The more your visitors spend time on your website, the better will be its rate of conversion. This is exactly why it is absolutely necessary to have a well designed website.

Web designing fads of 2013

Here are some of the effective web designing tips that you can employ to get a user-friendly website:.

  • Use ‘call to action’ on every page - Your primary goal to have a website is to make your visitors to take some sort of desired action that you expect. This could be anything like viewing a testimonial, signing up for your newsletters, watching a demo video, purchasing your product or filling out a contact form.

  • Regardless of your call to action’s choice, try to establish your point clearly and in a straightforward manner. So, whether its a hyperlink or a button, put a call to action on every web page that’ll direct them to the ultimate desired action you want your visitors to perform.

  • Get an easy-to-use navigation bar - The proper location of your website’s navigation hyperlinks will dictate the kind of stickiness factor it shows off. In other words, the placement of the hyperlinks within your website will determine the amount of engagement it’ll witness from your target audience. More, your website’s navigational structure should be such that it is simple, consistent and easily approachable.

  • These are basically, the elements of a website with an ideal user experience. Additionally, it should should have a flexible design to facilitate sufficient amount of room so that you can customize the navigation of your website at a later stage.

  • Promote informative and accurate information - Always update your topmost content and place them properly in order to divert your website’s traffic to the page where you want them to be exactly. Your visitors should be able to easily find out the information they’ve come looking for to your website. Hence, to get a beautiful and effective results, it is for you to ensure that you work with a content strategist to achieve this objective.

  • As soon as you’ve finalized the content that you’re going to put up on your website, then you may concentrate on its designing part and may make ample use of different fonts, font colors, font weights and imagery to add to its visual appeal.

Finally, you can make use of wireframing. It is actually the basic framework of your website’s visual presentation. This is means wireframing will act as the blueprint of your web pages’ basic layout structure. Its main objective behind would be to have a simple web design that doesn’t distract its readers.

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