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Lie detector test is also known as a polygraph test, it is usually operated for questioning with the help of technology that registers the functions of the physiology to determine the truth from the lies. It is primarily used the law making bodies for enforcement of laws. It is most commonly used by the U.S. National Academics of Science. A polygraph or lie detectors assesses various physiological changes in the blood pressure, skin conductivity or pulse etc. when someone is being questioned or interrogated about a subject.

We live in a world where we are deceived or lied upon by people for reasons that are unknown; there are times that we can make out when someone is lying to us by their expression and few changes in their behavior. But there are people good at deceiving people and lying proficiently, you cannot find out the real truth from their behavior or facial expressions. Lie detector test or polygraph is a mechanism that helps you detect a deceptive behavior in a person, as the name suggests it doesn't actually detect a lie.

There is huge controversy regarding the accuracy of the lie detecting process, there is no surety if the physiological changes are the correct way of detecting lies or deceptive behavioral patterns. There are times when people do not lie and yet get overly nervous due to various reasons. It is said that when someone is lying there heart beat increases to an alarming rate, their blood pressure rises and they start panting. But these could be the reason of some other consequences, one cannot be sure of someone's lies due to these symptoms.

The instruments that are used to detect lies are basically an amalgamation of medical apparatus that are used to detect changes that occur in the body. The person who supervises the lie detection looks into the changes in the person's blood pressure, electro-dermal activity, and heart rate as compared to the normal levels. If there is a case of fluctuations then the person is taken to be deceptive but the results of the examinations are left open to elucidation. These examinations or tests are mostly allied with criminal interrogations but its usage is not restricted to criminal investigations, one can use it for various other purposes. These tests are sometimes used by employers before hiring an employee for their company in the private sectors.

In the earlier days, secrets societies would use various to detect a lie which was primarily by the means of torture. In the old ages, it was believed that a liar cannot stand boiling water whereas the honest man could, so they would use boiling water to detect lies. According to the Dr. Bob Lee, a polygrapher at Axciton Systems who is also the manufacturer of the polygraph instruments the polygraph test enables one to detect a lie of a person who is trying to deceive you. The entire test is based on the physiological changes that occur within the body of a person in question who is being investigated or interrogated by the polygrapher or the medical professional.

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