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Brochure Copywriting

Brochures are a tool to introduce ourselves to the audience in print form. It is the physical impression of the company that prospective customers carry back. Hence they can go a long way in creating a good or bad image.

At content catalyst, we examine each and every aspect of brochure copywriting and understand that intelligently drafted persuasive content will help achieve the desired results. Instead of turning your brochure into a simple information document, our brochure experts try to put words in an innovative and appealing way.

Our main aim is to build your business image by writing not the words but the action in your brochures that will speak for themselves. Writing to achieve the two main aspects of the brochures, i.e. getting attention and maintaining curiosity, makes us unique in the field of brochure copywriting.

We take the following approach to brochure writing:

  • Less selling, more appealing
  • Defining benefits, not features
  • Instead of prices we talk of value propositions
  • Strive for uniqueness