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Classification of Software According to Their functionality

Software technologies are the technologies which use to build maintain and upgrade software. In this age of computer there is software to serve almost all our needs. Some simple software allows us to draw pictures, play music instruments or write journals. Other complex software is used to calculate the mass of sub-atomic particles and calculate thousands of mathematical calculations in a second to produce the desired result. Software technology is taking over every field of our life. Software can be classified into 3 groups according to their purpose. Those 3 groups are System software, application software and firmware.

Latest Software Technologies Have Revolutionized the Modern Computers

  • System Software:The system software is the software which is mainly used to run the computer. They provide various functionalities such as running the CPU, disks or display. Some of them are:-

    a. Operating Systems:
    Operating systems are a fine example of system software. They are used to run any computer properly. They monitor all the vital units of the PC such as CPU and RAM.

    b. System Drivers:
    System drivers are the drivers which are used to run various units of a computer. They can be used for display adapters, fans, network ports and many more.

    c. Server Related Software:
    They are a special type of software developed to be used specially in servers.
  • Application Software:
    This software helps the computer to help run specific tasks. They are not directly related to the operating of the computer directly. Some these types of software are:-

    a. Media Players:
    One of the most popular and widely used types of application software is the media players. They are used to view photos, listen to music and watch videos.

    b. Computer Games:
    Computer games are another great example of application software. With the advancement of technology we are seeing even better games with advanced AI and Graphics.
  • Optimization and Enhancement Software:
    They are used for enhancing the computers performance. They indirectly help to keep the system optimized. Some of them are disk defragmenters, data compressor, registry cleaners.
  • Security Software:
    This type of software is very important in the modern days. These can be for PC or for the internet. They provide the much needed security against threats like malware, viruses and Trojan horses. They also help the user to Browse the internet safely and protect user data from getting in the wrong hands.
  • Survey Software: This Software Technology is used for surveying the market using online social groups. With the help of this software system we can usefully do marketing research and save a lot of time money and effort.
  • Firmware: They are software which are embedded and are used for booting purposes of the computer. All the booting related information and BIOS related information are handled by this type of special software.

    It is seen that there are many kinds of software available in the market. But one thing which should be remembered is that the quality of the software should also be equally considered before using it. Only use software provided by reputed software companies. James Pattrick is a popular author writing articles on online survey software and related topics. In this article he has given information regarding the customer satisfaction survey using online survey software.

    Description: Software is backbones of the modern computers. They help the computer do all it tasks. There are many groups of software according to functionality.

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