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Content Market - The Secret to Having Search Engines Discover You

So, you have a shiny new website up and you're waiting for the traffic to pour in. After waiting a while, you realise that the phrase, "If you build it, they will come," doesn't exactly pan out in the online world. If you're looking for a few tips and tricks to get discovered in the search engines, you're in the right place. By employing these techniques, you'll be indexed, learn how to get social traffic, and learn how to rank for your keywords.

Create Unique Content

SEO experts have been saying for years that content is king, and that still rings true. Google loves unique content. Unique doesn't simply mean passing a Copyscape test, either. It means that your content offers something that users can't get anywhere else. It means that you offer high quality information that's worth sharing with others.

Perform a Keyword Analysis

While you're creating your content, your SEO company needs to be focused on optimising your site for the keywords that will draw people to you. Think about the product or service that you offer. If you didn't know your brand or business name, which phrases would you type in to Google to try to find your site? Use these as a starting point for your keyword research. Try to aim for keyword phrases with large search volume and low competition whenever possible.

Share Your Content

If you're not sharing your content yourself, there probably won't' be anyone else doing it for you, at least not in the beginning. Work on your social connections on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. When you share your blog posts or articles, ask others to share them, too. They may do as you request and they may not, but you lose nothing by asking.

Get Backlinks

Backlinks are single most important element of ranking well in the search engines, but not just any backlinks will do. Google wants to see links to your site from related, authoritative sites. The days of listing your site in thousands of directories to get backlinks is over. A great way to get relevant backlinks is by offering to guest post for some of your favourite authoritative blogs. Most of these sites will allow you to link to your own site at the end of the post or in your author bio. Keep your links natural and don't try to optimise for certain anchor text phrases because Google is now penalising this.

Provide Fresh Content

Once you've optimised for your keywords, began sharing your content and worked on getting backlinks, the other essential element is to keep providing great content. A blog is an excellent way to do this. Fresh content daily is ideal, but if that's impractical for your schedule, aim for at least once a week. Be consistent so readers will know when to expect new content from you.

By following these tips, you'll have the search engine spiders crawling your site regularly for new content. This, along with a sound backlink and sharing strategy, will help improve and maintain your rank in the search engines.

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