Customs Designs VS Pre-Made Template Designs

Customs Designs VS Pre-Made Template

You may have heard a lot of things about First Impression. Yes, your first real impression is everything. Your website has the first impression of your company and thus, it should not just be good, it should be outstanding. It has been seen that if a website of a company is outdated or ugly, people often leave the site and bounce to other websites.

So, now we all know the importance of building a smooth, soothing and a user-friendly website. But one question that appears in our mind is: what should you use to make your site beautiful? A custom web design or pre-made template designs? Let us figure out.

Custom web designs

Custom web designs are comprised of elements which can match with your needs. When it is about designing a website, your content and strategy are the first priority and after that, design is created.

Template Designs

The template-based designs offer you some pre-defined boxed in which you can stagger your content. You can easily find a template that matches with your needs and makes some fractional customization with images and colours. For instance, WordPress offers a different variety of templates for you to choose from, some of them are affordable and some are expensive.

Comparison of Custom and Template designs

Creative spirit

When you use pre-made template designs, it is quite easy to assume that there may be a website which may look identical to your website. But when you use custom designs, you will not suffer from these types of problems and your website will be created in the way how you want it to. So, the thing is that your website should look unique enough to compete. Cluttering or distorting can have a negative impact on your business, but if you think that choosing pre-made template will not do any harm, then you are more than free to carry on with it. But if you really want to stand out and look original in the crowd, then you surely need to stick to the custom web design.

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Flexibility and customization

A custom web design will help you createyour website according to the fact that what your business needs. Web developers whom you will hire will be highly professional in their work and will have an in-depth understanding about the branding of a company, what type of website you should have and what outcome you are expecting from your website which means that eventually the end result will be created in order to fit your marketing strategy. Whenever you want to make some changes in your brand, a web development team will always be there to help you.

On the other hand, when you use pre-made website templates, customization will limit to just a few things such as the logo, background colour and headers. You cannot make much change in the layout, so eventually, what you see is what you get.


To make it very clear, functionality is the way how a user makes an interaction with your website. With the help of pre-made website template, you can only get a limited amount of functionality and it will not be efficient enough to match with your needs. But when you use a custom web design, it allows users to perform some kinds of actions on your website that can develop a result which makes your business look unique and original. For instance, you are handling an online e-commerce website which is known for selling shoes. When you use a custom web design, you will be able to create an option for users so that they can select shoes they would like to purchase but when you use pre-made website template, you will not be able to customize these sort of thing.

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User experience and the presentation

With the help of custom web design, you will be able to create a high-quality user experience and presentation for visitors who visit your website. You can only prefer a pre-made website template only if image does not play an important part in your business. If you are into a business in which you sell software or lifestyle products, people who will visit on your website will judge you on the basis of how your website looks. So, when talking about priorities, we always keep user experience and presentation on the higher side and for this, custom design works the best. On the other hand, if you are a gym trainer or a consultant, it does not matter how your website looks like. Thus, pre-made templates will work just fine.


A pre-made website is quite like renovating or prefabricating an old home, whereas a custom web design is like hiring an architect for construction of a new house. It does not matter if you choose a custom web design or a pre-made template design, they both depend on multiple factors such as kind of business you are handling, your needs and audience you are aiming at. There are various businesses which need just basic stuff and for that, pre-made template design will work just fine and even using the custom web designs will probably not make an impact. For instance, there is no use of a sword when a needle can help.

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If you want a website just to share an overview of your business and do not need too much customization or flexibility in creating designs or make any kind of changes, then there is absolutely no point in spending money on a custom web design. But if your business is large and requires a well-managed website with excellent presentation and highly customized functionality, then take no time in choosing a custom web design.

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