Easy WayTo Change A Door Lock

Before purchasing a replacement lock, it is very important to take into account the measures and especially the variety of lock that you want to install.

We recommend buying high security lockssuch as the anti-bumping lock. If you have this variety of lock, thieves will have it much more complicated to break in and steal from your home or office.

Remove the lock

As a first step, we take a screwdriver and remove the screws or springs that hold the handlebar of the door. This way, you can remove the decorative part of the lock and see what the lock looks like inside.

Then we can see how the bowler is fastened by a quite long screw. Depending on the model, you will need a screwdriver or another.

When you have located it, you have to remove that screw. It is not usually hard, but being long, it may take a minute to remove it. Loosen the screw calmly to avoid damaging the door.

When you have the screw out, take the key to your door and insert it into the lock. Then turn the key about 45 degrees and push to remove the bowler. Do this step carefully to avoid breaking the key and complicate things. If you have problems to remove it, look carefully if there is any other screw that prevents the bowler from going outside. Sometimes the problem occurs because some screw on the handle has not been removed correctly. Hence, on many occasions, it is necessary to remove the handle to be able to remove the bowler without any inconvenience.

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When you have the bowler outside, check if it has the same measures as the previous one, to avoid having to make modifications in the hole in the door. Hence, we recommend buying a model of the same brand, but with greater security.

 Put the lock on the door

Now that you have removed the old bowler, you can then put in the new one.

We start by putting the key in the bowler and then insert it into the hole in the door. Remember to put it right, to avoid problems.

When you are sure it’s in the correct position, place it in its hole. It is important to fix it well so you don’t have problems opening the door. Next, you must tighten the screw that holds the lock.

Checking the lock

Before continuing to put the different parts, it is very important to make sure that the lock works correctly. You must put the key in the lock and turn it. So you can see if it really works well or badly. Once you’ve checked that the lock works well with the new bowler while the door is open, the next step will be to test it with the door closed. We advise you to try this with someone inside or try it from inside the house.

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Now you only have to put the remaining screws and hold the decorative elements and start using your new lock.

Tips for changing locks

When buying a new bowler for the change of lock, it is very important to buy a design model similar to the old one to avoid problems.

When you have changed the lock, you must always remove the old keys from your keychain and put the new ones. The rest of the family members must do the same. It is important to make the change soon or you would have to call a locksmith to open the door.

If the lock does not open properly, it may be because it has not been properly fitted. Re-fit it, until you see that everything works without problems.

If we see that after many attempts, we cannot make the change for any reason, it is best to call a professional. You should always call a trusted locksmith so that the lock change is perfected.

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Remember, the price will be cheaper if you call a locksmith during working hours. If you need the change outside working hours, you must call a locksmith 24 hours, in which case the price will be higher. If you need a lock replacement or new installations done in and around Atlanta GA, then we recommend that you contact Doctor Locksmith.

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