Evolution from wired to wireless communication

From the earlier times, communication has been a major source of sending and receiving messages, information, and facts. In the earlier times, there were modes of communication such as letters, telegraph, andpostcards. But with the evolution and continuous development in the science, the world saw new means of communication.

The first ever the telephone was invented on 30thMarch 1876. Since that day the industry of wired and wireless communication never looked back. With continued improvements and new additions, many companies came up with the mobile handset. The mobile handset was the first ever medium of wireless communication which could work from a long distance.

The coming of mobile handset bought about a major change in the way people communicated, and today in the year 2018 there is such a demand of mobile phones that not a single person can live without the mobile phone.  Today a child from the age of 17 to an old man of the age 60 is using the latest mobile phones.  

With the development, there are many new features that are included in the mobile phones as compared to the phones that were initially launched i.e. the mobile handsets. The companies have found a way to put together the desired features into a phone that caters to all the needs of the customers.  Today the latest smartphone is the 4g technology phones which are the technology that was introduced only 2 years back.

Today the manufacturers focus on the quality of the mobile phones and allow the users to get the best quality phone with a life of more than 2 to 3 years. Some of the major features that are observed in the latest 4g phones in the market today are as follows:

  1. The latest technology that has been introduced and is one of the major requisites of phones today is the 4g connection. All the smartphones are 4g mobiles today to allow the users to access to the highest speed internet.
  2. Another major area of focus in the mobiles that are coming today is on the camera quality. Everyone in the market demands a phone with a good camera quality and that can take good pictures from the front camera as well as back camera and also take pictures in various modes. In short everyone today needs a good camera phone.
  3. The phones are also equipped with amazing storage space and the latest variant of storage is the 6GB RAM and 128 GB ROM which is the internal and built-in the memory system. The storage of the mobile phones is expandable up to 284 GB of memory by using a micro SD card.
  4. The manufactures of the phones are also experimenting with the colors of the phones. Earlier only staple colors such as black and white ruled the market. But today many colors such as red, blue and green have come into the picture.

Thus we can say today the 4g mobile phones that we use are the ones that provide high-speed internet, efficient processing and better quality pictures and a lot of storage space to keep them.

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