Content Writing, Creative Content Writing Delhi

Content Writing, Content Writing Delhi


I am not so clear about the term ‘content’. Can you briefly explain it?

Content is text-based information. It is the most prominent and effective way of expressing yourself to the world by the use of different sources. It may be blogs, magazines, brochures, web newspapers etc. Content proves to be of great use when there is no direct contact

Is it really important to hire services of professionals for content writing?

It is extremely important to get your content written by professional writers, as professionals know better ways to highlight your content and make it more appealing. On the other hand, by their experience, they have a good idea of customer needs and they are able to provide the required information in permissible word limit

Do you copy the content from other websites?

We do not copy the content from others and provide our customers with unique and fresh content. We only conduct study searches on the internet regarding the topics which require additional reading and ensure that you receive correct & original content.

Will I own the copyrights of the content provided by the content writing professionals?

Once all the work has been submitted, approved and complete payment has been made, you have the sole ownership of the content i.e. the content purely belongs to you and is exclusively for your use.

What kind of details is required by you about the project for sending a price quotation?

Sending as much details as you can is the best option. However, in general, details like the type of writing service you wish to hire, number of web pages or articles you want, the time period in which you want the project to be completed and the word count which you have in mind, are required.

In how much time you can deliver the content for a 5-6 page website?

5-6 page website content can be delivered in 7 days or less. However, if it is an urgent project, then it should be informed well in the beginning, so that we can serve you on time.

How can I get details regarding your pricing and charges?

Our pricing is project based. What we charge depends upon what your needs are. For our pricing, just mail us your project i.e. what you want us to do and in how much time, then we will revert you are with our price quotations.

What are the modes of payments you accept?

We accept payments through bank transfers, money transfers and Paypal. We charge half the amount in advance along with order receipt and the balance can be paid after submission and approval of your work.

Are you offering free content modification services after the project?

Generally, content once approved is not changed by us. However, we may make single time modifications free of cost only if there are minor changes. Reworking on the content will be charged separately.

For those who need content services only twice or thrice a year, are you willing to work on project basis?

We are happy to work on project basis, whenever you need our services regarding a small project or a bulky one, just contact us with your requirements and we will be ready to serve you.

Are you able to build a good website structure and do SEO through content?

By our in depth knowledge of SEO process and specialization over content writing, we create a search engine friendly content with a well optimized structure of your website.

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