Find Out More About Checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing

The world of digital marketing andkeeps on changing and evolving to make things better and ultimately, the best. Recently, Google created a buzz with Mobile First Indexing which is keeping digital marketers all around the world on their toes. This latest roll-out by Google has also confused a lot of people who don’t understand what exactly needs to be done and how it is going to be beneficial. Moreover, the steps taken for the same are also slightly blurred, so here SEO Company in India bring you a checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing.

Check Mobile Version Configuration

The first step by SEO services in India is checking the website’s mobile version and check it fulfils following conditions-

Separate URLs (m-dot or mobile site)
Responsive Web Design
Dynamic Serving

If a website lacks any of the above, it is time to fulfil any one of the conditions.

Page Speed and Load Time

No one can deny the significance of page speed and load time. These two conditions are necessary in the markup of any excellent digital transformation. Thus, one need to adopt suitable strategies for mobile first indexing. Thus, a digital marketer at SEO India needs to check the following-

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A) Checking and optimizing mobile load time

Load time can be easily determined using tools like GT Metrix and Pingdom along with optimization scope for the website’s mobile version.

B) Checking and optimizing using Google PageSpeed Insights

Google has several tools and some of them are Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed Insights, etc., and these tools can help in checking the speed of page on mobile.

This is how Google Suggestive Summary will ultimately look-

Meta Tags

The importance of meta tags and other tags is known by every digital marketer in SERP Rankings and content creation. This help in optimizing for Mobile First Indexing 2018. The meta tags must be checked and optimized for mobile version. The website may have descriptions and title ready but there is a need to check if they are accessible to the mobilebot.The digital marketer also need to ensure checking and optimizing of alt tags for mobile version. As per estimates, 70 percent users use their smartphones for searches. Again, a mobilebot must be able to access the alt tags of images.

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For mobile version, schema tags or structured data also need to be checked and optimized. The site’s desktop version can be optimized for schema tags. The structured data and schema tags must be readable in mobile version for the Mobile First Indexing to work.SEO Company in India offer these services.

Another aspect that needs a thorough checking is that whether the site is mobile friendly. When these changes are being implemented, it is important to check if it is mobile-friendly using the Mobile Friendly Test Tool of Google. This help in giving an accurate description which is necessary to ensure required mobile-friendliness. The last thing worth checking out is looking for mobile usability errors and resolving them. In Google search console, mobile usability can be used to identify and resolve errors that may be there in mobile usability of the site design.

Since mobile phones have become a part of our lives and we use it quite commonly to use the internet for searches, this latest roll-out can help bring necessary changes that is sure to bring a revolution in the field of Internet Marketing.

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