Fortify Your Recruitment Procedure with Tests

A hiring error will cost you much more than any pre-employment test. You might find it lame but it is the truth. If you pick any random person for a role that demands absolute skills, alertness and knowledge; things can get topsy-turvy for your business. A single mistake on his part can land your business in troublesome instances.

The point is if you are hiring for any specific job, it would be good if you pick the right candidate and an effective one. If you are recruiting for a position that requires Microsoft Excel skills, then you must employ Excel proficiency test. These tests encompass everything right from Excel basics to the Advanced Excel skills. The tests are designed in such a way that they might even challenge the Excel gurus. After all, if a person is really capable for the role, he has to earn it.

Different excel tests have their different features and options. For example, you can end up with a test having areas like

  • Formatting: Columns, Borders, Paper Size and more
  • Editing: Insert Rows, Find-Replace, Undo and much more
  • Functions: Inserting, Auto sum and so on
  • Tools: Protecting the Cells, Ranges, Zoom and so on
  • Charts & Graphs: making, Using Different kinds, and much more.
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Once the people gathered therein for the job go through these levels of this test, they would be completely evaluated in terms of excel skills. You can easily know who stands whereas the end of the tests. The percentage would give you an exact idea about the performance and calibre of the candidates and you can pick a person who is the perfect fit for the role.

In the absence of this test, you may come up with the final candidates who might sound good for the role but may lack excel skills. What is the point if they know the strategies, have proper qualification for the job but don’t know much about the base i.e. Excel. There are many projects, files and documents that have to be made in excel. If a person have much knowledge but don’t have excelled expertise; she would never stay efficient and productive in his role. It is always better to assess these ‘background skills’ of candidates before you appoint them on the basis of their impressive interview, handsome resume and couple of degrees. At the end of the day, it would be their working skills and knowledge that would pave the path for your business.

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And remember these tests do examine the depths of the calibre of the candidates. These tests are not really difficult but they are tricky. Only such candidates can crack them who have a proper knowledge and information about the entire application.

So, it is good to be surer about your recruiting session then to be remorseful. If you are wondering that these tests will shake your budget then you are worrying for no reason. Tests cost nominal in terms of the benefit they give you. The choice is always going to be yours!

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