Four Movies That Can Teach You How to Run a Successful Business

Hollywood has always been full of entertainment, drama and action. But little did we know that there are few savvy business lessons young entrepreneurs can learn from this industry. Yes, you read it right.

This article elaborates four Hollywood blockbusters of all time that also happen to bear some valuable business lessons for small business owners. Curious to know which movies we are talking about? Without wasting any more time, let us proceed.

1: Wonder Woman

We are starting with a recent blockbuster – Wonder Woman. In the movie Diana (Wonder Woman) undertakes an overwhelmingly difficult mission of saving the world from annihilation during World War II. During her mission, we see her challenging her mental and physical strength. There were even times where she questioned her cause and ability to achieve her set goals. Despite all the odds, Diana is shown following her commitments, ultimately completing her mission of saving humanity from destruction.

What do we learn?

Just like the amazing Wonder Woman, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you have to believe that you are capable of more than you think. Running a business brings with it all sort of challenges, but as long as you are focusing on your ultimate goals, you can wade through all the tough moments.

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For instance, if you are caught in a financial crisis, we recommend you to look for funding options offered by alternative finance firms. Why, because you cannot always rely on your local banks for small business loans. If at all the banks reject your loan applications, you certainly want to be prepared with a plan B.

An entrepreneur needs to have the right vision, mission and values to know what they want to achieve and how can they create everything on their own.

2: The Wizard of Oz

A pair of slippers, a tornado to put an end to all other tornados and a ragtag group who set out to search for the all-powerful Wizard. Can we blame this Hollywood classic for entertaining generations of viewers? We certainly don’t! For young entrepreneurs, The Wizard of Oz holds some valuable business lessons. Here’s what it is

What do we learn?

We all know that Dorothy wouldn’t have been able to do it all alone. By her side were her trusty companions – the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Good Witch of the North and Toto. It was because of them that she was able to complete her mighty journey and eventually get home.

Thus, we believe that every young or successful entrepreneur needs a good and trustworthy support system to thrive. They can be anyone from your family, friends, business owners you know or even a combination of all the three. In fact, having your loved ones alongside in this journey is one of the best ways to avoid entrepreneurial burnouts.

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3: Ghostbusters

New York City knows exactly whom to call upon when supernatural creatures need to be handled – the Ghostbusters. These Ghostbusters are a group of paranormal enthusiasts who believe in laughing their way through while closing doors to other dimensions.

Thinking like a true businessman, the Ghostbusters certainly saw an unfulfilled need in the market. Although it was unconventional, they took advantage of the said opportunity. They were true to their services, built a strong reputation of resolving issues that no one else could and also created a thrill around their brand.

Hence, be like them – the Ghostbusters. If you happen to notice a potential business need in your area, do not be afraid of conducting requisite market research to determine where the business looks promising or not. Then chalk down a business plan around the said need.

4: Back to the Future

Like in the movie, when Marty McFly and the Doctor (Doc) team up, they cause some serious havoc on existing history. Marty is sent back in time to 1955 with a mission of making his parents fall in love instead of settling down for each other. While Marty focuses on accomplishing his mission, Doc figures out a way to get Marty back to the present.

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What do we learn?

Since Marty belongs from the future, he happens to have different perspectives than everyone else in 1950s Hill Valley. Similarly, there is nothing wrong if you seem to have a different business perspective than your fellow business owners. No matter what situation you are facing right now, what you can learn from the movie – Back to the Future is, the way you see the future is going to be different from that of the others. However, only because you see it differently doesn’t make you wrong. If you still feel that your small business idea is not worth pursuing, then you can seek advice from business counselors or an entrepreneur you may know of. Additionally, you can read and watch several documentaries about successful business owners and their exceptional journey towards success.

All we recommend is that you assess your business idea, conduct proper market research and create a solid business plan.




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