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Google Has a Great New Feature

Search engine optimization is never static. Changes are constantly taking place and this is a very good thing. Once SEO becomes static, then it becomes very easy to game the system. Those who do not have the same budget as bigger, larger companies may discover they fall behind because they cannot manipulate the static system easily.

A long time ago, Google realized there were inherent flaws with relying solely on links and keywords. So, Google made changes to ensure the rankings in the search engines embody a more organic nature. The more organic the system is, the less chance there will be for manipulation. An unfortunate side effect resulting from this is the perception that Google really wants to make things difficult for those hoping to boost their rankings. This is not the case at all. Google realizes web publishers need to see some level of success from their SEO work or else they might put the necessary effort in. As a result, the reputation of the search engine giant would suffer. The truth is, Google does try to improve the lot of website publishers relying on the site for good results.

A New Change on the Testing Stage

One new way in which Google is looking to help those who put the effort in search engine optimization is through offering a preview window in the search results. How this works is when a mouse arrow is placed over the URL of a site in the results page, a window will open up with more information about the site. Currently, the window will open up to reveal a corresponding Wiki page.

Some might wonder why the window would show a related online encyclopedia entry instead of something on the site itself. The thing to remember here is this new feature is solely in the testing phase. Improvements and enhancements will eventually be made. The goal here is to help guide those using the search engines to find the best page. This also rewards website publishers who put a lot of effort into their content.

Website Publishers Get Rewarded With the New Feature

Is the website listed at number one in the search engine results necessarily a better site than the one listed at number nine? The answer is not necessarily. The site listed at number one simply may have put more effort into its SEO campaign. The quality of the site itself may be lacking. With the new Google feature, it may eventually become possible to gain a better look at what a site offers through the aforementioned preview window.

For those publishers who put an honest effort into creating a great website and not just building links, this new feature can be hugely beneficial. Granted, it may take time for the feature to fully catch on. Users of the search engine will have to get used to it. Actually, it may take time for them to realize the feature even exists. However, once the value of the feature is revealed, more and more visitors will use it to travel to the most deserving of websites.

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