How MS Excel Can Be Used To Guarantee Success in Online Marketing

If there is an abundance of one resource in business building and marketing, it is that of numbers and how we read and use them. Be it creating a simple Search Engine Optimization program or a small Pay per Click advertisement, there is a limitless stream of figures and information that administrators can track. Online marketing requires someone who can handle such amounts of statistics. This work, however, has for many years been made easy by one of Microsoft’s oldest tools – Microsoft Excel. Be it complicated calculations or incorporating complex formulas, there is no other program as convenient for a marketer as Excel. Here’s how marketing is made easier by this handy tool.
Produce and track leads

Only a highly optimistic person will consider all the traffic coming into their website to be a genuine lead. With the help of an Excel spreadsheet, a lead tracker can be set up to measure what percentage of the traffic actually displayed an actual interest, for instance, if they clicked and checked out other pages of the website and what percentage of visitors exited the website without paying any heed to the call to action messages.
Generating leads is a crucial part of making sales. It is at the top of the priority list for every marketer. You can use Excel to investigate how much of the traffic on the website is either getting converted into feasible leads or showing the possibility of conversion. If this is not done in a calculated manner, using the right tools, the firm’s entire advertising and marketing budget can get wasted. Excel spreadsheets helps the administrator evaluate where the web traffic comes from, and how they turn into leads – an observation they can use later to implement future strategies.

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Analyzing SEO outcomes

Online marketing campaigns are based around search engine optimized or SEO keywords. They can help differentiate a business. They can also give a business a huge competitive edge. While there are plenty of software providers and internet devices that can help the marketers devise words and phrases that would attract a larger audience, using an Excel spreadsheet to analyze these outcomes is going a step forward. All the useful information can be used to calculate the probable return on investment, well before the actual investment. Making a profit is all that matters. Using an excel spreadsheet is crucial to assuring safe returns. You can learn the nuances of Excel by visiting information storehouses like Excel Semi Pro.

Examining success of Google AdWords

Even though there are plenty of methods to efficiently calculate exactly how successfully a Google AdWords campaign is functioning for the business, when it comes to running a detailed examination of cost versus clicks – there aren’t many better tools than Microsoft Excel. The tool helps in bringing out accurate calculations to display exactly how many of those clicks were converted into leads. This data can then be used to evaluate the rate of AdWords compared to the proceeds gained from those clicks.

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Mastering MS Excel is a great way of ensuring that each business move is a calculated one. To date, it is Microsoft’s most efficient tool for businesses.

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