How to Create a Free Business Email with Bluehost

What complements best your well-designed business website other than a professional-looking business email? An email account that shows your custom domain name is very important because it gives your business identity and authority. People are more likely to trust these emails than the ones sent by a Gmail account. Wouldn’t look better than when communicating with your clients or customers? If anything, all businesses should have their own email accounts.

You can get these custom emails from your web hosting provider if the plan that you have subscribed for comes with such a service. Business emails are generally easy to set up although you have to contact your web host first as each provider may have their own way of setting it up. But if you’re with Bluehost hosting, you can simply follow the steps below to create your free business email. These steps won’t take you more than a few minutes.

1. Open your Bluehost dashboard.

Upon signing up for Bluehost, you’re given information on how to access your hosting dashboard. You have to log-in there and look for the icon that says ‘Email’. Click it and it should lead you to a page where it says ‘Email Accounts.’ This is where you can add and manage all the email accounts for your domains. Check your plan to see how many you can add.

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2. Create a new email account.

To create a new email account for your business, click on the tab that says ‘Add Email Account’ and fill out the necessary information like email account name. If you have several custom domains listed under your Bluehost account, you have to choose which one you’d like to use. If not, just leave whatever’s already there. Then to assign a password for the email account you made. You may also add a mailbox quota if you wish. And that’s it! That’s how easy you create an email account for your business through Bluehost!

3. View your Inbox

To view your inbox and check if you’ve got mail, simply click on the tab where it says ‘Email Accounts.’ The page will show you all the email accounts that you have created from the previous screen. This is the page where you can manage all these accounts. To open your inbox for a particular business email, simply click on the link that says ‘Access Webmail’ that corresponds to it.

4. Choose your Webmail Application

After clicking ‘Access Webmail,’ you’ll go to a page where you’re given three options: Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. You can choose any one of these as your default webmail application. Each of them works as good as the others but you may have certain preferences on how to view your emails. So feel free to try each one and decide accordingly.

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5. Manage your Emails

Once you get inside the application interface of your chosen webmail application, you can do just about the same things that you can do with a free email provider like Gmail. You can view your unread messages from there, create drafts, delete emails, and check your sent items. There are other settings available as well such as disk and data usage adjustments, email account suspension, password manager, mail client configuration, and more. These may need advanced configuration if you need to use them. But you don’t have to change anything there. Your business email will work just as fine.

See, there’s nothing very complicated with setting up your own business email account if you have a Bluehost hosting account. Plus, your email account has several added features that you may also use, such as email forwarding, auto responders, and email filters. You even have the option to connect your Bluehost business email with Gmail so you can also access it from there.

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While these steps are useful for Bluehost accounts, you may also use them as a guide for other hosting providers if you know your way around your dashboard. However, some of the features listed here may not be applicable to you. Setup your own business email immediately if this service is included in your plan. Ask your email provider about it. If the service is not included, you have to pay for it first.

Bluehost is one of the highly recommended hosting providers for small business owners that use the WordPress platform for their website. Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll also get free domain and free business email accounts. If you decide to go with Bluehost, then you can manage all these three from one place, which is very convenient. You just have to log into one dashboard and you can access everything you need from there. No need to keep on switching providers to configure your domain, hosting service, and email accounts. All of these three are linked together and it only makes sense if everything is obtained from one provider.

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