How to Generate a Property Insurance Inventory List

Once your home is hit by an incident such as theft or burglary in which you lost many possessions from your home, you may not remember what you lost that you collected.

In the same context, the preparation of, or having a current inventory of your possessions, including model number, may help you to ask potential insurance claims. Why? Taking out some time to document your belongings can easily help you recover faster from a loss.

Help is here as we provide you with some handy steps that will help you prepare a home inventory checklist. Let’s know more!

Step 1: Take some time to walk through your property

The first step towards this will be creating a comprehensive and detailed home inventory which may take some time and effort. You should not ignore this, and give it your time to walk around your property, and jot down all the details. The more detailed you have a home investor, the easier and faster it will be to file and process a claim.

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Step 2: Keep your home inventory in a safe place

It is the age of digitization and you can secure your home inventory in a place where you can trace it super easy. As a result, storing the home inventory over the web should be an easy thing to do. Also, storing your home inventory details online will save it from being stolen, damaged during a disaster at home. Also, the creation of the video or photo home inventory and uploading into a cloud-based service is needed.

You can take pictures of all relevant rooms, the label from pictures and vital items with proper description, where you brought it and its model number or serial number. Take out all that are stored in drawers or closets. Next, walk through your office or home with a Smartphone laced with a high- resolution camera to shoot quality video of all contents. Once you are ready, club all in a file and store it over a cloud-based service or send it on your email to self and key family members for being on the safe side.

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Step 3: Keep updating your home inventory

Whenever you bring home a significant purchase, you should hasten to add it to the inventory while its details are still fresh in your mind. You can also delete items that are no longer available.

Step 4: Keep a stock of your business assets

While a large section of the people is interested in creating an inventory of only their homes, it is also vital to document the contents of your establishment or office, if needed.

Step 5: Give valuable items a priority

Ensure that you first document all expensive items such as, art pieces, jewellery and collectibles that may have populated since you brought them in your home. Once you are ready with the list, ensure to check with an agent or representatives of a home insurance company. It will help you get enough insurance coverage for all these items as you need to be insured separately. You can also put some valuables such as jewelleries or other expensive items that you no longer use in a safe deposit box.

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The Bottom Line

You are now well-informed of the vital steps that anyone should take while creating the home inventory checklist so that it is easier to ask for a claim in case of the theft. You can also avail a home insurance plan from a reputed company online and save time and effort.

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