How to Grow Your Business on Social Media

The 21st century is undoubtedly the era of social media. Initially, social media platforms were only harnessed for communication, mostly between friends and family. As time passed, businesses gradually incorporated social media into organizational communication channels. It was in a bid to simplify the process of relaying information, such as sharing memos.

Today, a Facebook URL is more than just helping someone locate your page. Statistics show that between the year 2009 and 2012, the number of business owners who felt that Facebook was essential to their business had increased by 75 percent. That was just shortly after Facebook ads were launched.
Facebook made leeway for several other social media platforms in the business world. Different businesses have used various strategies in making social media work for the good of their ventures.
Do not be left behind, applying the following tips could mean great to your business.

1. Optimization

A business winning on social media is all about optimization. What is meant by the optimization?
Well, it is the practice of using your social media platform data to develop better management and marketing strategies. To make the most of out of social media, you need to analyze your posts, shares, likes and more so, the audience comments. You have no idea of how much information the metrics have!

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It is the only possible way you will get to know what your potential clients are interested in, and whether or not your social media marketing campaigns are working for or against your business. A proper analysis will also help you make the necessary adjustments and keep them interested in what you are offering.

2. Make use of sweepstakes

Is there another way of growing your business other than broadening the client base? Well, sweepstakes would be a smart way of going about it. Everyone loves a chance to get to win. You can use this to reward your existing customers and draw attention to your product. All you are required to do is to tell your audience to ‘tell a friend to tell a friend.’ You will be surprised by how much your numbers will grow.

3. Create authentic and relevant content

What do you need to create content that your audience can relate with? You will have to take the time to understand your audience and learn what they prefer engaging with. Different market segments prefer different engagements.
For instance, if your product is targeted at women, then Pinterest would be your best pick for a platform to engage your audience, this is because 80 percent of the users are women. If you want to engage a young population, you can consider using Snapchat, so on and so forth. Study your audience demographics and design something just for them!

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4. Consider creating an executive presence

Reports by LinkedIn show that companies with an executive team on social media for a fact, create a better impression of their brand. Just like the executive team back at your office represents your organization, you should have a team representing your company on social media too.

You need to present to the social media community the human behind your brand. Remember that social media is all about interacting with a community. Who knows what the presence of executives on your Facebook platform could to your business? It is through this that you will be able to get new hires with the skills you are looking for or, leads and investors to mention a few.

5. Employ paid advertising

In as much as it may require you to go back to your pockets, paid social will be worth your while. Why do you need paid links? It is so far the most effective way of creating brand awareness and generating leads. You should invest in promoting your most attractive blogs, media hits, and Infographics for you to pull large traffic to your website.
How about you get paid social media ads for that new product you are about to launch? By the time it is out in the market you would have already created brand awareness, and your customer’s familiarity will make them value your project.

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