How To Launch an Effective Web Design and Branding Campaign For Your Small Business

When you are a small business and website owner, you may not have that huge budget and time to spare like a big company does, but that doesn’t necessarily imply that you can’t craft an efficient web design and marketing strategy to support your small business. Even some minor changes and web design upgrades are enough to yield better outcomes. If you wish to step up your game and promote yourself in the best way possible, here are some aspects to consider:

You are not putting a product or service for sale, you are marketing yourself

Your target audience that checks your website out consists of people that share a few common things with you e.g. likes, dislikes, interests. This is something that big companies, like Apple, for example, can’t easily achieve. You, as a small business owner online can appear more familiar and just promote yourself instead of another ordinary product or service.

Your website’s web design and structure should match your brand

Every little and big element of your web design – from your logo to your multimedia and content – should always match your core brand and who you are. If you are let’s say a fitness expert, your website’s appearance and content should appeal to clients who like you, have similar concerns and needs when it comes to fitness. You certainly don’t want a website that has nothing to do with who you really are as it will simply be pointless.

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Keep things simple, but not boring

Even though simplicity is a highly praised principle by many web design experts, sadly, some website owners either take it too far or do the exact opposite and load their website with unnecessary junk and fancy elements that really don’t serve their purpose. Essentially, you need to strike a balance between simplicity and eye-catching content or else your efforts to get tangible results from your website will simply fail.

Your web design should look appealing

We know that this may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many websites are just plain ugly-looking and outdated. Don’t be another one… Magicdust suggests that you actually test your web design with your target market regarding its looks and user experience. This way you can find out if it’s engaging enough.

People should clearly tell who you are and what you offer

Visitors that come to your website should always tell from the very first seconds who you are and what are your products or services offered. Your message should be clear enough to be understood by people of all ages and backgrounds – from a teenager or college student to a retired 72-year-old. If they can’t grasp who you are the first five seconds they land on your home page, you should adjust your message to make it clearer.

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Offer great content

When it comes to earning a high placing on Google, you shouldn’t focus only on directing people to your website. They need a good reason to stay there too, and you can give it to them by posting great content. You could, for instance, share some expert insights, infographics, or videos and downloads that will make your content worthy of viewing multiple times.

Use social media wisely

Social media should always be used as tools to promote yourself, however, you have to use them wisely. The purpose of using social media in the first place is to direct people back to your website and you can do so by adding relevant links to your social media profiles. However, you should only dedicate your time and resources on the social media platforms that work best for you or you will waste time (and money).

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