How to life longer

You only need to adapt your habits to a few changes and as a result your health will improve dramatically and you’ll live longer.

Here’s a selection of just a few easy ways to extend your time on the earth.
Reach out
For a long time it has been proven that loneliness can lead to heart disease among otherwise healthy people. Lack of a healthy network of friends can be as dangerous as having high levels of cholesterol or being a smoker.

Especially older people are affected by loneliness and the risk of heart disease is even higher in the case of depression.

Keep chemicals off you dishes
When you do the dishes be aware that conventional dish soap is loaded with harsh substances that get in contact with your skin from where they enter your bloodstream and spread out throughout your entire body.

In addition, they leave behind toxic residue that mixes n with your food. There is a healthier way though. Buy some all natural dish soap instead. Dish soap with healthy ingredients keeps your dishes clean without negative side effects.

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Eat fruits and vegetables

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables is one of the leading causes of death. If your body does not receive sufficient vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber its organs don’t get enough nutrients. Especially your heart is under elevated risk of disease. 

s a positive side effect, a healthy diet comprising of lots of fruits and vegetables will help you maintain younger-looking skin.

Exercise on a regular basis

We know it’s hard, but in the end it will pay off. Getting a large amount of physical exercise, such as running can help you live several years longer. The benefit you get from exercise is threefold: it strengthens your heart, your mind, and your metabolism. 

ven as little as a 30-minute walk per day lowers your risk of heart disease.

Watch out for what’s in your personal care products
Body care products are some of the most toxic items in your household. They are packed with chemicals that have dangerous side effects and some of the ingredients might even lead to cancer.

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You should be particularly careful with choosing deodorants. Conventional ones contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer in numerous studies. A better choice is to opt for a natural deodorant with ingredients that are safe and even beneficial for your skin.

Don’t smoke

If there is one thing you should do for your health today then it’s stop smoking. This will expand your lifespan dramatically. An article published in the journal called American Journal of Public Health concluded that women who quit smoking by age 35 manage to live approximately six to eight years longer than women who continue smoking until the end of their lives. 

emember that it’s never too late to kick the habit. The benefits are that you can slow down heart disease and increase survival odds. This even applies to people who have smoked for several years and who have already damaged their lungs significantly.

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