How to Overcome a Social Media Crisis

Social media is the greatest influencing platform in this day and age. Companies and individuals have the opportunity to connect with billions of consumers, best of all, it is just one click away. Everyone wants their big break, a viral video, but what do you do when the opposite happens? What do you do if your brand is viewed negatively online? It is important to be proactive when working online. Therefore, companies must protect themselves by implementing a social media crisis management strategy ahead of time to minimize the risk of any unwarranted posts or reviews online.

Creating A Plan

If you have experience negative backlash or controversy in the past you already know how much of a nightmare it can be. Not to mention the cost to fix the damages can be excessive. In retrospect, there is not much you can do to limit or stop the flow of bad press online. However there are some useful tips that you can implement today to help further minimize your chances of a social media crisis. To minimize your stress, follow these easy steps.

Be Proactive

Although you are not in control of the comments you receive online, you are responsible for the content you release. To avoid any controversies, avoid posting content online that may “fuel any fires” or create an “angry mob”. We recommend staying away from topics such as politics and religion for the simple truth that everyone has their own opinions that many take very seriously. You do not want to limit your market by posting anything disheartening or potential offensive.

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Remaining reactive or waiting until a problem arises is the worse plan to have. By making sure you update your social media accounts consistently (daily) you further reduces the chances of a social brand crisis. By checking in on your social media platforms every day you are able to check, in real time, if you have accrued any negative comments or reviews recently. This allows you to remain proactive and resolve any problems on hand as they occur.

Set Up Alerts

If you are busy and cannot check your social media every day there are many applications that can assist in making this process easier. The best, and more importantly, free way of tracking your brand online is by utilizing Google Alerts. This application allows you to track specific keywords, this way anytime there is a new article or mention of that keyword online you will receive an email notification. Start by tracking all variations of your brand’s name as well as your personal name. Every day you will receive an email (depending on how you setup your alerts) so you can review each one and make adjustments and comments where it is necessary.

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Actively Respond to Feedback

Whether the feedback you receive is positive or negative, how to respond to these comments is crucial. By saying something you are better off than not responding at all. Consumers want to be engaged, positively or negatively.

When deciding how to respond to a consumer online you must take several things into account. First, why are they leaving this review? You want to start your research on who the person is, what they purchased or received from you and why their experience was good or bad. Next give thanks to them for leaving a review regardless of what they wrote about. Next personalize your response so that reviewer knows you took the time out of your busy day to address their concerns.

Remain level headed and grounded, do not reply impulsively or out of anger. Once the internet smells vulnerability, the situation may escalate quickly, not in your favor. That is why it is important to stay proactive and remain accountable for your actions. Apologize and admit fault if you were in the wrong. If you can resolve these issues promptly you have a great chance at that individual remaining a client or “follower” of yours.


When responding make sure that your post stands out and grabs the attention of other visitors as well. If you receive a lot of comments it may be hard for people to see where and when you responded. Nowadays we see the art of video responses show tremendous results in rectifying consumers complaints. Let’s be honest, everyone would rather watch a 30-second video clip than read a paragraph. Know your consumers, don’t just respond to respond, put some thought into it.

Final Thoughts with Net Reputation

In conclusion, the art of engaging consumers online can be troublesome. However, with the right team of professional working for you, you would be amazing at what you can accomplish it such a short period of time. It is one thing to grow a brand, but to maintain a positive reputation takes expertise and time that most companies do not have.

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