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How To Use Twitter For Businesses

There are many companies that use get retweets and business to connect with customers and expand their brand. A lot of these companies also wonder why their followers didn't change to leads and traffic. Twitter can be a great method for promoting your business, but simply tweeting isn't going to bring you more customers. You will need to have a good understanding of what kind of audience you have, a way to measure your results as well as a strategy to achieve success on Twitter. The most important thing is, you need to understand how and why you are going to use Twitter. Here are some things that you should think about:

Conduct Research

Research is an absolute must if you are looking to improve your success. Asking questions to your community of Twitter followers can help gain insight on what is relevant to your customers, what influences their choices, and what they think about your competition. When you are dedicating some time towards your research, it is more likely that your prospective clients and customers are going to think of you as a personable and approachable brand.

Make A Strategy

Every business needs to have a strategy to achieve, maintain and build their base of customers. Therefore, before you start to tweet, you should start to know your community online and how to join in with that community. Think about what you are going to post and how often you will post.

Build Awareness of Your Brand

Before your business can start making money, it will need to develop a magnetism for social media. The initial step would be to spread the word and bring traffic to your page of Twitter followers. Follow the competitors, leaders, companies and experts that are in your industry. Share some of your expertise to help enhance your reputation and start building credibility.

Engage With Your Followers

In the world of small business, nurturing and creating relationships with your Twitter followers can be challenging but a highly satisfying and profitable experience. Social media is all about having dialogue. With this being said, respond to others tweets talking about your brand and you. Join and start conversations. Be real, genuine and authentic. When you have a great conversation with a customer, you can turn that into action.

Build Loyalty of Your Brand

Maintain an online active presence. This way, more people will discover your business and you will be attracting more followers. A lot of businesses use Twitter as a tool so they can find their unhappy customers and solve the issues. Also, by keeping all of your followers updated on what is happening within your business, will keep you on top.


When it comes down to SEO, it is very important to have a certain set of keywords for only your business. This way, your updates are helping your business achieve better results on the search engines from your free retweets. You can do this by first including some keywords into your bio box. Also make sure that your tweets are using a good amount of the character limit.

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