MilesWeb Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting

If you are planning to develop your website, there are many factors that you must be worried about – design, development, hosting, domain etc.

When it comes to design and development your web developer will simply take care of those things. Then comes choosing the web host. With numerous web hosting services available on the internet such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated server, VPS hosting, cloud hosting etc. If you have done your research you must be wondering whether you should go for shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Well, each one has its own benefits that we’ll walk you through.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is similar to sharing the resources of a physical apartment with others such as parking space, pool, lift etc. In shared hosting, resources of the server are shared with other account users on the same server. These resources include disk storage, bandwidth, etc. Although the server resources are shared, you have a separate account on the server allotted with these set of resources.

Best for:

• Startups

• Small-medium enterprises

• Blog/ personal websites

• Mid-e-commerce sites (up to 500 visitors)

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting among all the web hosting. It lets you achieve a cheap hosting service as your business expands.

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Benefits of shared hosting

• Cost effective: The shared hosting plans are much cheaper than other hosting plans.

• No technical skills required: You don’t need to have any special technical skills for hosting your site on a shared server.

• Ease of use: The server is set up by your hosting provider so, you are ready to launch your website.

VPS hosting

Imagine an entire floor in an apartment where a floor has multiple flats, each one having its own space and can be customized as per the requirement. The flat is individually yours even though you stay on the same floor of the apartment.

Similarly, a VPS is equivalent to a flat while the floor is the physical server. You have the ability to choose your own operating system, install apps/ software as per your website needs.

Best for:

• Growing business website

• High traffic websites

• Need a customizable web server

• Dedicated resources Benefits of VPS hosting

• Full control of server: You get full SSH and root access of your VPS server.

• Security: VPS servers are highly secure as you don’t share the resources of your server with other websites on the same physical server.

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• Enhanced performance: With entirely dedicated resources for your VPS account the performance you get is much better.

Now that you have understood what shared hosting and VPS hosting means with its uses and advantages, let us now take a look at Miles Web’s shared hosting and VPS hosting plans.

Miles Web shared hosting plans

Miles Web offers cheap shared hosting plans which starts just at Rs.80 per month.

They offer web hosting on Amazon cloud platform for all the sites hosted on their server. With the Lite plan you can host a website with 1 GB SSD storage, 10 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 2 email accounts, 1 MySQL database all this with cPanel and Softaculous included.

They also offer other plans like Deluxe and Ultimate with more advanced features than the Lite plan. You can choose

your server location from India, US and UK. Their shared hosting plan currently offers a discount of 20% after which you get a Deluxe plan for Rs. 224 per month and Ultimate plan for Rs.280/mo.

Miles Web VPS hosting plans

Miles Web VPS plans are fully managed and powered by the Digital Ocean. Their plan starts at Rs.860 per month. They have 14 different plans for their VPS to meet your different kind of website requirements.

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Miles Web lets you choose your server location for their VPS hosting India, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and more. You can also choose your desired operating system: Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and Suse.

Miles Web shared hosting or VPS hosting, which one to choose?

Both the hosting plans have their own special features and each one is suitable for a specific type of websites. Thus, choosing the one among the two is decided on the requirement of your website. In simple words, if you have a basic website which doesn’t require much-customized apps or special software you can opt for shared hosting else, if you want to have more control over your server and decide your own operating system with more ability to install your own apps then VPS hosting would be suitable.


Before choosing your hosting plan do a detailed research on what the plan offers in addition to comparing the features, pricing etc. Moreover, determine your website requirements and the features that you may need. For most of the websites, shared hosting will be sufficient, but if you are planning for a high-end website then consider getting a VPS server.



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