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Ranking High in Search Engines is Easy: Learn and Avoid “Don’t” Tips for Successful Web Marketing

Search engine optimization is one the most popular discussed themes for webmasters, and every successful expert try to share its own practice in this area. It is very important for each webmaster to get high quality advice and recommendations for online success. Website owners should not only keep in mind those tactics that are effective for high ranking but also those ones that can damage and influence negatively.

Google become smarter, and it is almost impossible to try any sneaky maneuvers with algorithms. Let’s bring up and remember the most important SEO mistakes that can harm online business if you trying to avoid them

First Mistake

The first big and the same time attractive mistake is “Excessive link buying” process without any guarantee of quality and low prices. It can be very dangerous and unwanted for Google rules.There are thousands of sites that will try to persuade you to pay for useless links to your site. High reputable sites are very important for backlink creation and can only improve your positions. In other case you can de-index your site from search results while paying for buying them.

“Don’t” Tip 1

Never pay for links which are unknown and low reputable for you and mostly not related to your niche. Avoid participating in similar communities that sell/exchange links and offer cheap way of article distribution. It's not good way to develop your online business.

Second Mistake

“Content is King” …of course you hear it everywhere, in every professional forums and communities, from every web marketer who work honestly with its clients. So try to keep it in mind and work for your online customers. Try to publish and write only quality content, relevant to your business industry. Irrelevant content can be confusing for Google and you can lose your positions in search engines. All your internal and external content should be trustworthy and first of all for your niche market’s needs. Google values much the individual approach to users / customers /, keep the needs and requirements of your customers in mind as your primary business goals. Write as much as possible descriptive information about offered services and products, and it can only increase your brand reputation and bring positive customer review.

“Don’t” Tip 2

Duplicate content is awful for your website and it can decrease your online reputation. Never try to copy content from other sites, and republish them. Article distribution process also requires quality and unique content sharing. Never try to share the same article in different sites, especially in low ranked websites.

Third Mistake

Another paid service that can influence negatively on your website is bought comments and reviews around your website with quality backlink. It considers spam for google and your brand can be damaged when actual or potential customers will see those links associated with spammy and badly written comments/reviews.

“Don’t”Tip 3

Spam comments and reviews are not valuable way to create backlinks, try to create quality and reputable links manually.

Mistake Fourth

External anchor link building also must be very special, with different keywords and phrases. This way of link building can look strange for Google algorithms. More than thousands links form one keywords can be spammy and undesirable link building way.

  • Cheap calls
  • World calls
  • Easy call
  • Cheap international calls

“Don’t”Tip 4

Work with different keywords to create links to your site with different phrases. Optimize your site for users and not for search engines.

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