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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – a brief look into it

Search engine optimization, also known as “SEO”, is a method applied to websites with the aim of getting them to rank higher on search engines such as Google. SEO is a very tricky thing to accomplish, with the internet evolving at a rapid pace and search engines changing their algorithms all the time, things that worked last month for SEO may not work today, it’s always changing and in order to be an effective “SEO GUY” you need to keep up with these changes and learn to adapt with them.

How does SEO work

When it comes to SEO there are 2 main things:

Onsite SEO: Basically this is making sure the website structure is search engine friendly, the website contains a site map, is interlinked correctly, the correct title tags and meta tags are used, correct H tags etc…

Offsite SEO: - This is the most important part, offsite SEO consists of linkbuilding, basically the way Google decides on how high to rank a site depends on how popular the site is, and by the site having backlinks pointing to it, this shows Google the site is a popular site, of course it’s not as simple as this, you can’t just build tons of backlinks and expect to rank high, Google is smart and most of the time can tell which links are “spammy” and which links are “natural”./p>

Different SEO techniques

White Hat: - This SEO technique is the safest way to do SEO and the way search engines want you to do SEO, the problem with white hat SEO is it takes a long time to get ranked high, if you can even get ranked at all with white hat, the positives are that if you manage to rank you site with White hat SEO then the chances are your site will stay ranked high and survive all Googles updates

Black Hat: - This technique is not so safe if done incorrectly, Black Hat SEO basically “tricks” Google into ranking your site high by using tons of “spam” links, using “link farms”, “blog networks” and automated software to do the link building. This type of SEO will get a site ranked very fast but chances are the site will get penalized shortly afterwards. Usually what Top SEO guys do is a mixture of both, lots of White hat SEO and a bit of black hat, this is usually enough to rank the site high without getting it penalized

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