Simple tricks for your healthy eyes

Everyone seems to be busy with their phones nowadays. Either they are seen playing with their smartphones or watching television. And to our surprise, these gazing episodes happen more than its required. Even in the office, we are completely glued to our system. Just think once are we eating nutritious food enough which are good for our eyes? Are we exercising enough to relax our eyes?

With our extremely busy schedule, we tend to ignore paying a visit to an eye specialist. But when our eyes start to get tired it can invite many eye problems which will ultimately hamper us. We highly recommend that you visit the eye specialist every once a while because the more you ignore your eye problem, the worse it’s going to become. You can even try to check out Eyeglasses for women price in India as well. It will give you an insight that not all power glasses are expensive.

However, it is always better to take precautions. Doctors advise that when we are at work, we should tilt our head up and down to let the blood flow normally between our neck and eye. Don’t stare at the sun directly because it can damage your eyes to an extreme level. Always wear sunglasses which block 99 to 100% harmful UVB and UVA rays. Protect your eyes. After all, because of your eyes, you are able to experience the beauty around you.

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Let your eyes sleep

Your body needs rest to recharge just like your dying smartphone. Sleeping relaxes your eye muscles and if you take an adequate amount of sleep, it will keep your eyes healthier. Also, make it a point that you won’t be engaged in one particular activity for too long. Give your eyes some break as well. They also need to get refreshed and energized. Give them 5 to 10 minutes break regularly.

Drink, drink, drink!

Your body needs water. If you don’t feed it right, it will start acting weird and then that is something you won’t feel right about. Drink water not only when you are thirsty but keep drinking a glass full of water in every hour. Trust us on this, water is a saviour and if you take it adequately it will keep your overall health healthy.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are a blessing to our eyes. Especially the powered sunglasses. No one should step out on a hot sunny day with bare eyes. Sunglasses are available in all shapes and sizes. Wear them, besides they also make you looker cooler. You can buy sunglasses for men online, just make sure it is 99-100% UVA protected and also you can try using polaroid glasses. Glares are not good for your eyes. Try to protect them as much as possible.

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Eat right

Your eyes need proper nutrient. Eat right and stay healthy. The more you take care of your eyes the healthier it will be for your eyes. Pick up food that is rich in Vitamin C and A. Take cod liver oil, have sweet potatoes, eat papaya; papaya is good for your tummy as well as your eyes. Include butter in your diet, grapes again are a wonderful supplement for healthy eyes, eat a few apricots. Add as many greens as you can. Don’t let your kids woo you with their innocent eyes. Greens are good for them and they need it.


Exercise is good for your overall health, but there is a particular eye exercise which you can do especially when you are sitting in front of your laptop or the desktop and working for hours. Rub both of your palms together and let it create some heat, once it is warm put it on your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and rub your palms again and repeat the procedure 5 to 10 times.

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Your eyes are extremely delicate and only you can take care of your eyes. No one else will come to you and ask you to do this regularly. Your body is yours and it becomes your responsibility to look after it carefully. You are so blessed to have eyes and see and feel the beauty around you. Take care of it.

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