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Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Help You in 2018

There is a lot of change going on in the social media landscape right now. The Facebook/Instagram domination continues as Twitter struggles. People are probably sick of hearing it now but video is the boss of content and should play a huge role in content marketing throughout 2018 and beyond.

So the beginning of the year is always a good time to reflect on current strategies, analyse what is working or what isn't and plan out a more effective social media strategy that will drive your business forward.

Here are the strategies that marketers will be looking to utilise to get the best results this year:

Messaging Apps - The huge popularity of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp has opened up a big opportunity for marketers.One of the most popular methods for marketing through messaging apps is using a chatbot to automate conversations. That can build up a relationship and showcase some of the great things that your business has to offer, without any need for human resource.

For B2B, Slack is a good messaging app to target the right kind of audience. Slack is used by businesses across the world to communicate with each other so there is a large selection of businesses to try and market to through Slack.

Stories - Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down the Stories route and it is becoming a good channel for marketing for businesses. The polls option within Instagram has been working a treat for many businesses, gauging interest and opinions on products or services for example. Plus Stories are one of the hottest forms of social media right now, so you have a great big window of opportunity there to reach your target audience. The novelty of messages disappearing after 24 hours make consumers more likely to take immediate action rather than think they can come back to that offer at any time.

Live Streaming - Again, all of the main social media platforms are tapping into the demand for live streaming. For marketing this can be a bit risky sometimes, if you go live with a stream that you haven't planned out well. We know that consumers love to watch video content and live streaming can certainly take advantage of that demand. However, if you stream something that isn't suited for live streaming, it might not have the impact that you envisaged. For example, a restaurant using live stream to show an eating challenge that had to be completed within 30 minutes.

Towards the end it got a bit more interesting but who wants to sit and watch some strangers eating for 30 mins? Would it make you go to that restaurant? That probably would have worked out better if they recorded bite-size (excuse the pun) videos through different stages of the challenge and added captions to each one like in Stories. Live streaming is usually more suited for something quite fast-paced or that you can capture the essence of in a short stream. So think about what you are live streaming and ask whether yourself if it is going to entertain people or bore people and whether it will make them interested in your services.

Social events are good themes for live streaming, say there is a band performing at a bar and the crowd are in particularly good spirits. You can capture the quality of the band, the great atmosphere and how much fun people are having. The people who see the stream will think either 'I'm going to go there right now' if they are local enough, or they are going to think 'I am definitely going there next time'. They call it the fear of missing out.

Follow Twitter Developments - If you use Twitter for your marketing, keep track of what is happening in terms of the effectiveness of Twitter as a marketing channel. In 2017, Twitter really struggled to compete with some of its social media competition, leading many marketers to doubt how good it will be for marketing in the future. To be on the safe side, don't put all of your marketing eggs into Twitter's basket, just in case.

Face Filters and Augmented-Reality - If there is one thing that really took off in 2017 it was the use of face filters. It started off with cute little dog's ears etc. and now you can apply filters that transform you to a whole new person, or a whole new environment. People love that they can turn a pretty boring photo into something much more fun - 'Hey here is a picture of me and my friend David Beckham' etc. Not too sure about how the copyright laws work on those ones but they are out there in circulation!

So in 2018, we would expect even more movement and opportunity in this area and a huge demand for it. According to Forbes, AR is expected to grow to reach $114.4 billion by 2022.

Facebook Marketplace/Business Pages - Whilst Facebook may have not been seen as a channel for businesses a few years ago, that has been changing at a rapid rate. Many customers will still be using the search engines to find businesses that they are interested in but the launch of Facebook's Marketplace is an additional channel to having a website. The marketplace is perfect for advertising to a local audience and the great thing about Facebook is that you can find potential customers if they are following groups related to your products.

In 2018, Facebook will be looking to strengthen its appeal to businesses and make it easier for users to combine their social activity with their everyday life - shopping and searching for services etc. If you haven't already looked at using Facebook to advertise your business, 2018 could be the right time for you to explore the marketing potential, particularly with the great features it has for advertising locally.

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