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Technical Writing

Properly putting forward the rigid structure of technical writing is not as simple as one thinks. There is very limited room to work with the content, yet it has to be presented in an appealing manner. Itís a challenge, and we enjoy it.

We frame, design and refine - the right approach needed for technical writing. Our team of expert technical writers ensures correctness and quality in writing while targeting a wide range of audiences. Technical writing is always special purpose writing and it is important that the person writing the technical content must be well read on the subject. Therefore, before we get down to writing the technical works, we spend substantial time to acclimatize ourselves with the subject so that we write like the experts of field would do.

Our technical writing involves:

  • Project understanding, planning & management
  • Product specifications
  • Hardware documentation
  • User guides
  • Online documentation
  • Training materials
  • Web content